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What’s Old Is New: PCW seeking wrestlers in LA

11149331_1590190417911060_4793560956734334411_nPacific Coast Wrestling is looking to bring old school professional wrestling back to the beach. I invited them to take over the blog for a day to plug their promotion and share their call for wrestling talent. Very excited to see what these guys are putting together and happy to pass it along!

Pacific Coast Wrestling (PCW) is the brainchild of former 3PW co-owner Mikey Hawes and marketing guru, Mike Scharnagl. Hawes, who has an extensive wrestling promoter background in England and in Philadelphia, met Scharnagl while they were both talking to a mutual friend about Japanese wrestling. After attending several indy wrestling events together in Southern California, the two instantly realized that there was a need for more wrestling in the Los Angeles area, particularly close to the beach communities. The two quickly formed Pacific Coast Wrestling, and are now in the process of acquiring a venue for their first event, which is projected to take place in early Fall 2015. The promotion’s Facebook page indicates that they intend to bring WRESTLING back to the Southern California area with a blend of Japanese Strong Style, Old School (think 1970s and 80s NWA), and a little bit of Hardcore (no weapons or gimmicks, but stiff action).

“Mikey (Hawes) has been in the business and knows what works and what doesn’t. He has extensive connections in the business which has certainly allowed us to hit the ground running. He also has connections with the Monster Factory, Santino Bros., and Wildkat Sports which should allow us to expose fans to some newer talent,” said Scharnagl. “I’m more of a student and a longtime fan of the business. I’m a huge fan of Pro Wrestling NOAH and New Japan because for the most part, the focus is on the wrestling. It’s reminiscent of old school US wrestling. Sure, wrestlers can have gimmicks and personalities – it gives fans something to like or hate, but the focus is primarily on what happens in the ring, not on a promo. I think that’s really what we are shooting for.”

To make sure their vision is translated in the locker room and the ring, the two enlisted former NWA Champion, The Almighty Sheik, as their talent booker, and the group is currently looking for wrestling talent within the California, Nevada and Arizona areas. Interested wrestlers should email [email protected].