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Best of 2016 with Mr. Darius Carter

If you missed the last Kick Out at Two Podcast of 2016, go back and download it now. Mr. Darius Carter is the current Tier 1 Champion, and he is exactly the kind of wrestler we need to restore true greatness to the industry. He has an enormous respect for the history of the wrestling business, and he’s determined to bring back a lot of what’s been lost the last few decades.

Mr. Carter shared this introduction for his best match of 2016:

“This match took place at Warriors of Wrestling’s 100th Show, and was the 4th Defense of my No Limits Championship. It’s no secret to those familiar with me that I’m big on making history, and to say I was able to defend my title – which I would hold for 366 Days – at this promotion’s 100th show ever is a major deal to me. A fair amount of promotions these days seem to struggle making it to 10 consecutive monthly shows, let alone 100, and to have been a contributor to WOW’s continued success means I am doing my job properly. As reputable as WOW has become in their near-decade of running, I want that same reputability for myself as well. Taking part in matches like this, on shows like this, is the pathway to that & none of it can ever be taken away; THIS is what building a legacy is all about.

“My brand of change has only begun…”

Watch and enjoy Mr. Darius Carter in action below!