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Heels are saving the world!

myraIt has happened again.

A while back I wrote about how the notorious Khloe Belle Smothers helped a shooting victim in front of her home. Last Friday, another pair of heels were involved with a real life shooting, and once again, the heels proved to be heroes.

The incident involved two thirds of the Miami Mafia – The Puerto Rican Princess Myra and her husband “Real Sexxxy” Chet Robbins. The two were at a Louisville car dealership with their son Greg on Friday, October 16. Myra shared the details on her Facebook page later that day:

“A barrage of gun fire erupted to the right of us, and my son and I witnessed a man falling into the arms of a lady who turned out to be his girlfriend. Greg and I ran to the victim’s aid. Greg took his belt and used it as a tourniquet on one leg. Another person ran over with towels and I tied them chettogether to make another one and applied it to the other leg. Greg’s former military medic training and my former NYPD training kicked in… The victim didn’t have any injuries to any major organs. He’s gonna be ok. Not looking for any pats on the back but just wanted to recognize my son who will always be my HERO! I’m proud of you son.”


Myra may not be the most loved woman inside the squared circle, but I’ve always found it’s the heels who turn out to be the nicest folks in real life. Myra is no exception. She’s a lovely person and a devoted Mom. She and her son Greg deserve credit for racing to the aid of a man in need.

The world gets crazier every day, but not all craziness is bad. Strange as it sounds, the heels are turning hero, saving the world one life at a time.