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The Greatest Little PPV on Earth!

12019126_1247212388638324_50884786_oWomen have been a side show in professional wrestling for many years. There have always been exceptions, and in certain eras women were main event draws who could pack the house, but for the most part they were treated as eye candy, forced into demeaning hair-pulling matches and worse.

Everyone laughed – and headed for the concession stand.

Last Wednesday the Internet Wrestling Community was set on fire when William Regal announced the Ironwoman match for the next NXT Takeover special featuring Bayley and Sasha Banks. The hard work put in by the Four Horsewomen of NXT has earned them the respect they deserve.

No one is laughing now.

This week an independent wrestling federation is hoping to make a big step forward for another marginalized form of wrestling. You can call them micro-athletes. You can call them midgets. (Yes, in the world of professional wrestling world, the non-PC term is still accepted and preferred.) They are also legitimate professional wrestlers, and on Wednesday they will be taping the first ever all midget pay-per-view event.

Now in its eighth year, Micro Championship Wrestling has been entertaining fans all over the world. The men and women of MCW truly embrace the term “sports entertainment,” and when they hit the ring, they promise and deliver a good show and a good time.

You may not have heard of heard of MCW, or even be aware there are multiple all-midget promotions now in business, but MCW has been featured on Hulk Hogan’s Micro Championship Wrestling, Full Throttle Saloon, and other reality programs. They wrestle all over the country and in eight years have a 100% re-booking rate. In other words, when Micro Championship Wrestling comes to a town, they always get asked back!

The MCW wrestlers also do an incredible amount of charity work, partnering with organizations like Kym’s Kids and Wounded Warrior to raise money for worthy causes.

The men and women of MCW know that what they do is a joke to many. They’re also keenly aware that it’s not politically correct in the eyes of some. But the men and women of MCW got into this business because for the same reason every man and woman in the WWE did: they love wrestling, and they wouldn’t have it any other way. MCW is carrying on a proud legacy, following a trail blazed by oft-forgotten legends like Little Beaver, the Haiti Kid, Sky Low Low, and Lord Littlebrook. MCW goes for the laughs, but they also know how to create real drama and tears. They are professional wrestlers, and they are proud ambassadors of a truly American sport that continues to entertain millions.

Tickets are still available for the live taping at Independence Bar in Orlando, Florida Wednesday night. You can also catch the show on

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