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Michelle Meyers is in the Zone

Michelle Meyers didn’t ask permission to become a wrestler. She broke the news to her parents by showing her the bumps and bruises she was already taking during training. Then again, Michelle didn’t get into the business as a teenager like most wrestlers do. Michelle was already an adult, out on her own, and she decided it was time to pursue a dream.

The Kentucky native turned to Johnny Bad and Chief Tomahawk when she was ready to enter the business, and she’s been a part of Kentucky Zone Wrestling ever since.

“Kentucky Zone Wrestling is the best and longest running promotion in Southern Kentucky,” says Michelle. “They are one of the few federations that actually bring in a crowd and make them want to come back. They have fans and a fan base that follows as they travel out a hour or more out of town.”

Michelle says her favorite match was a 20 minute battle at Magnificent Ladies of Wrestling with Allison Danger. “But my proudest accomplishment is being able to work in as many places and states as I have even though I started later in life at wrestling.”

Michelle’s goal for 2017 is to continue improving her craft, incorporating new styles  into her matches. She’ll have plenty of opportunity as both Michelle and KZW have a busy calendar in the year ahead.

Michelle’s schedule can be found on her Facebook page. You can also find the schedule for KZW on their Facebook page. It’s an old school, family-friendly promotion that boasts the largest women’s division in the state of Kentucky and runs four times a month.