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Congratulations, Tyson Dux!

Tyson Dux may not hold the record for the most matches on WWE television without a contract, but he’s way up there. Dux was such a regular face in the WWE locker room at one time, Stephanie McMahon thought he was already in their developmental system. Dux kept asking for a deal, and McMahon finally agreed to meet with him and John Laurinitis one night after Raw. That night, before the meeting could take place, Dux blew out his knee in a match against Mark Jindrak.

“Dean Malenko helped me to the back,” he said. “I was leaning against some production crates, waiting to see the trainer, when Johnny Ace came up and put his arm around me. ‘Tough break, kid,’ he said. I knew then I wasn’t getting signed.”

It’s been years since Tyson Dux saw his WWE dream vanish in one night, but this summer, the WWE Universe will get a chance to see him showcase his talents in the inaugural WWE Cruiserweight Challenge.

It was my privilege to interview Tyson for my second wrestling book, and I’m excited to watch him take part in this historic tournament. You can read his story and many other indy wrestling tales in Eat Sleep Wrestle, only $9.99 in paperback and $2.99 on Kindle.

More importantly, be watching for Tyson and 31 other competitors this summer in the Cruiserweight Challenge.