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Goldberg wins!

I know it doesn’t make any sense. I know it’s completely wrong and shouldn’t have happened.

I don’t care.

More specifically – the Dad in me doesn’t care.

I know Goldberg got a ton of money to do that match, but I also can tell that was never his motivation for coming back. He did it for his son. He did it so his son could see what his Dad did in his heyday.

They could have booked this in a way that “makes sense.” They could have evened the score between the two and kept building up Lesnar. They could have made Goldberg do the honors in front of his kid. Instead, they let Goldberg show his son exactly how he became one of the biggest stars in the industry.

I know they have now completely messed up the Monster Lesnar angle. I just don’t care. I am so happy they let Goldberg have that moment with his kid.

The mark in me will deal with it. The Dad in me couldn’t be happier.

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The Wrong Way to Goldberg

I don’t often comment on WWE booking. It’s not what I do, there are plenty of other Tuesday morning bookers on the Internet already, and besides that… I’m a fan. Never been in the business, so what do I know?

That said… I wish the WWE had booked Goldberg differently for this return.

Last week, the fans went nuts for his return. I’ve never been a Goldberg fan, but even I got chills seeing his entrance. This week, the “Goldberg” chants were drowned out by chants of “Suplex City.”

Fans don’t want to see Goldberg vs. Lesnar. They’ve seen it, and they already know how it’s going to end. Fans want to see the old Goldberg. They want to see “The Streak” Goldberg.

Goldberg should be coming out and squashing people. Feed him some of the guys from WWE Superstars for a few weeks and then pay it off at a Pay-Per-View with a slightly higher profile squash.

In other words, treat him the way you treated Austin, Michaels, and Foley at Wrestlemania… not the way you did Sting.

At the end of the day, I think Goldberg came back for one reason: so his son could see him wrestle. I think that’s awesome. But I wish his son could get a chance to see the real reason that arena filled with “Goldberg!” chants last week.