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Can One Man Make a Difference to a Promotion?

I’ve never watched TNA.

I’ve never watched a single episode or pay-per-view. Matter of fact, I’m not sure I’ve even watched a full match on TNA. Even on the Internet.

I didn’t watch when Jeff Jarrett was the top guy. I didn’t watch when they got Kurt Angle. I didn’t tune in for A.J. Styles or Samoa Joe.

Even after the recent buzz surrounding Matt Hardy and his Final Deletion (which I would like to see but have yet to watch), I wasn’t interested.

Why am I telling you all this? Because Aron Rex makes me want to watch TNA.

Whether he was Damien Sandow, or Damien Mizdow, or Davy Crockett, he was can’t-miss, must-see every time he showed up on WWE television. He’s a rare force who connects with the audience no matter what stupid gimmick he’s handed. He’s the super-rare performer who can make my wife look up and laugh when he’s on TV.

Aron Rex makes me want to watch TNA. That’s the difference one man – the right man – can make. Let’s hope the famously bad powers that be at TNA don’t botch this one up!

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Book Sandow Now!

If you live outside Louisville, you know him as Damien Sandow. If you’re an old OVW fan, you remember Idol Stevens. Whatever you call him, fans know that he’s a versatile performer who can not only wrestle but take the worst of gimmicks and get over. Seriously, he was the Miz’s copycat sidekick for nearly a year and he had a bigger face pop than the Face That Runs The Place.

Sandow/Stevens is now a free agent. He’s also free to become whatever he wants to be on the Indies. His email is below. Book him NOW!