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Sami Callihan vs Jason Segal?!?

I’m sharing this here because I can’t stop watching it. I’ve watched it 20 times over, shared it on Twitter, and texted it to a few friends.

Sami Callihan is a rare breed, and as I said on Twitter, I am glad to be living in a time I get to see him work. His Wrestling Revolver promotion is the most fan-friendly and wrestler-friendly group I’ve seen in action. And Sami himself is always memorable. I’m still talking about the night he went Tommy Lasorda on two small kids in Fort Wayne, Indiana, screaming back in their faces, turning his ball cap around, and pretending to kick dust on them.

Sami made those kids’ night. I’m certain they still remember it as vividly.

What’s cool is seeing a Hollywood talent like Jason Segal playing along, making the moment even greater and giving Sami a viral moment – one he’ll no doubt be sharing forever. I always liked Jason Segal, and I love him more after this.

And Sami? Well, I can’t wait to see what the guy does next.