The Great and Inimitable June Byers


Love her or hate her, she took the title from Mildred Burke and never lost it. Read the amazing life story of Women’s World Champion June Byers!

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To some June Byers was a villain. She took the wrong side in a dispute about the women’s wrestling business and snatched the mantle from World Champion Mildred Burke through nefarious means. 

To many of her contemporaries, she was feared. When June hit you, she left a mark. She counted a few women as friends, and played there role of mentor for any including one who would marry her third ex-husband. But just as many would rather not set foot in the ring with her. 

To one woman, June Byers was an obstacle. A campaign of misinformation led many to believe June lost her title after only two years. Make no mistake: June Byers never lost her title to anyone. She defended her title against all comers. She retired as champion. 

Six knew her as Wife. Two knew her as Mother. Many more remember her fondly as Grandmother, Great-grandmother, or simply June Bug. 

The original Texas Tornado, creator of the Byers Bridge, the great and imitable June Byers began her journey to stardom in a Houston wrestling ring and never looked back. She sought the same glitz, glamour, and diamonds that adorned Mildred Burke. The long-reigning champion fought her way to the top and went out on top. 

The story of June Byers follows much the same path as other women of the golden age: single mother seeks better for herself and her children. Long overlooked by many, June Byers blazed a trail for women inside the ring and out, forging a legacy that no one can ever take from her. 

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