Katie Bar the Door!


CAC award-winning historian Mike Rodgers presents the definitive history of Portland Wrestling!

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Portland Wrestling – simply uttering those two words will start a conversation that will last through the night and produce never ending arguments on who was the greatest wrestler ever in the promotion. Was it Buddy Rose, Roddy Piper, Jimmy Snuka, or Dutch Savage? Who can forget Bull Ramos, Lonnie Mayne, or Tony Borne? What about the best tag team of all time? Mayne/Borne? Von Steiger’s? Ventura/Ramos? The Royal Kangaroos? History of Portland Wrestling is here to help settle those debates, providing detailed coverage of the match results, the comings and goings, and the reasons behind the moves, information you won’t find anywhere else.

Portland Wrestling – a tradition in Portland like no other. Saturday nights at the Portland Armory, and later the Sports Arena, were packed to the rafters, fans waiting to see the heel finally get his comeuppance. You knew trouble was ahead when announcer Frank Bonnema would proclaim, “Katie bar the door!”

Katie Bar The Door – History of Portland Wrestling is the definitive book on Portland Wrestling, and a must-have for any wrestling fan. From beginning to end, this book will flood your mind with memories.

Number of pages: 425.

Books are signed by Mike Rodgers.

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