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NXT Louisville – January 2017

Just a few notes of things that left a lasting impression after seeing my first NXT show Friday night in Louisville:


It’s not often a heel is sung to the ring by an arena full of fans. I think it’s safe to say Bobby Roode’s theme song is an instant classic.

Ten! Ten! Ten! 

There were more “Ten!” chants Friday night than there were chants for anything or anyone else. Tye Dillinger wasn’t in the building, yet he was probably the most over man in the room.

Ciampa and Gargano 

The team known as #DIY spent a good 10-15 minutes taking pictures and signing autographs before they got on the bus. Considering it was around 33 degrees and drizzling rain, it was way above and beyond. Those two are a class act.

“Don’t Make Me Come Out There!” 

Nothing makes me smile more at a wrestling show than seeing a heel get into it with a kid. Eric Young and a boy seated in the third row had several heated exchanges. Young never made good on his promise to “come out there,” but he made that kid’s night.


You have to see Nakamura in person to fully appreciate how great he is. He has charisma in the ring on a level with the Rock, even without the Rock’s gift for words. Time will tell if his act translates to the main stage.

Drake Wuertz

The former hardcore legend remembered around these parts as Drake Younger was back in the arena before the fans left, taking down the ring. You are never too old or too big to lend a hand and do the work, no matter what your walk of life or what your career choice may be.