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Ladies Night at Resistance Pro

12507167_10207078832203236_1977150445901805571_nChicago – There’s a title match headed your way  March 5 that is a must-see.

Resistance Pro Women’s Champion Crazy Mary Dobson is defending her title against LuFisto. Crazy Mary is one of the hottest rising stars in women’s wrestling. She has two appearances on NXT (so far) as Sarah Dobson, and she’s a seasoned world traveler at the young age of 22.

LuFisto’s been wrestling for most of Mary’s 22 years, traveling the world and competing with both men and women. The 18 year veteran used to tag with NXT’s Asuka, and if like what you’ve seen in Asuka, you’re going to love LuFisto.

I’ve seen these two go head to head twice, and they absolutely bring out the best in one another. After their first meeting ever, LuFisto praised Mary for the way she “loves to be dropped on her head as much as I do.” Both women love to dish out pain, and they can both take a beating.

This match will be a high energy, violent affair, and neither woman will give quarter to the other. It will be one of your favorite matches of 2016.

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