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Iron Skull Makes the Indies Look Good

13903348_1047563371995969_4278821617094565770_nYou may have noticed that the indies don’t look quite so “indy” any more. While there are some independent promotions still cobbling together fliers with scissors and scotch tape, many independent promotions, even the small ones, are churning out high quality print materials to promote their shows on Facebook pages and in supermarket windows.

This shift in quality can be attributed to a growing number of graphic designers who have dedicated themselves to giving independent wrestling a more polished, professional look. One of the very best is Jay Kay at Iron Skull Productions.

Jay got into the wrestling poster business specifically to give the sport he loves a makeover in the promotion department. “My friends all laughed at the poor quality they saw in the ads,” he says. “So I buckled up, went to college, invested all my savings into my work and equipment, and now, I am broke!”

Jay started out doing free work for promoters, but he now has a paid list of monthly clients and others who call on his expertise for all their shows. The biggest by far is WRESTLECADE, the annual gathering of current and legendary wrestlers in North Carolina, but he also works for AML Wrestling in North Carolina, Main Event Wrestling in Texas, Ultra Championship Zero Wrestling in New Mexico, Limitless Wrestling in New York, OSW in Texas, Destiny Wrestling in New Mexico, Wildkat Sports in Louisiana, Wrestling for a Cause in Oklahoma, and Imperial Wrestling Revolution in Oklahoma.

What may surprise many wrestling fans in the States is that Jay doesn’t live here. He’s from Great Britain, and he’s only recently begun to do work in his own country. “I started off doing everything in the US as three years ago, there was more work for me out there. Only recently have I started to branch out to local companies. I’m also doing some MMA and boxing promotions.”

Indy promoters take note: people judge you by the fliers you hang in the window. Jay’s rates are not unreasonable, and his quality of work is outstanding. To contact Jay about working for your promotion, please visit Iron Skull Productions on Facebook send them a message.