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Face Paint Etiquette

Wrestling is a strange business. Like most jobs, there are many unwritten rules in the locker room and in the ring that require wrestlers to show a little courtesy to their fellow grapplers. If you’re the last guy to take coffee from the break room, you start a new pot. If you’re going to put someone in a headlock, you should probably shave your pits.

With that in mind: here’s a friendly suggestion my friend Eric Emanon posted this morning on Facebook:

“Heads up.. If you’re a worker who paints your face and or body to work, please.. For the love of God.. Make sure your paint won’t ruin your opponent’s gear.

“I’ve got a set of gear that’s garbage now because of it. That’s after two washes and two spot treatments.”

Taking care of one another in the ring goes beyond making sure no one gets hurt. Don’t hurt your fellow workers in the wallet, either!