Bluegrass Brawlers


As the Attitude Era drew to a close in the early 2000s, the WWE already had an eye to the future. The stars who would succeed the Rock, Stone Cold, and the Undertaker were already well on their way to the big time, and Louisville, Kentucky had a front row seat to the future.They were all here: Cena, Orton, Batista, Lesnar. They were all on display every Wednesday night for free at Ohio Valley Wrestling. As incredible as that was, it was just another chapter in the story of a city that became the proving ground for the superstars of the future.

“Bluegrass Brawlers: The Story of Professional Wrestling in Louisville” covers more than 130 years of wrestling history in Louisville. From the barnstorming days of the circus wrestlers and William Muldoon, America’s first professional athlete; to the turn of the century when a man first took on the name Ed “Strangler” Lewis in Louisville; to the golden age of Lou Thesz and the Allen Athletic Club; to the glory years of Memphis wrestling; and finally the modern era of independent wrestling and OVW

Through newspaper accounts, biographies, documentaries, and personal interviews, author John Cosper compiled the story of a city, a sport, and the unique impact both had on one another. The Kindle edition of the book includes an introduction from Jim Cornette, more than 60 photos, and a final word from John Cena’s former manager, Kenny “Starmaker” Bolin. “Bluegrass Brawlers” is a must read for wrestling fans, sports fans, fans of the great city of Louisville, and anyone who can appreciate a good tall tale.

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