About Eat Sleep Wrestle

Eat Sleep Wrestle tells the stories of pro wrestlers, past and present. 

My name is John Cosper, and I tell stories about pro wrestlers. My journey with professional wrestling began with a book about the history of wrestling in Louisville, Kentucky. That book about a city led me to new stories I wanted to tell: The Black Panther Jim Mitchell; Elvira Snodgrass; Heywood Allen and Francis and Betty McDonogh of the Allen Athletic Club; and yes, Kenny “Starmaker” Bolin.

As time went on, the stories of more wrestlers came to me, directly or through friends and family. Bob Bryla introduced me to Dr. D David Schultz. A mutual friend connected me with Tracy Smothers. The great historian Scott Teal sent Princess Victoria my way. Podcaster Robyn Nelson introduced me to the late Hurricane JJ Maguire. Karen McDaniel came to me with Wahoo.

I kept seeking and finding other stories on my own. Tracy Smothers led me to Chris Candido. Elvira Snodgrass led me to Mars Bennett, who led me to June Byers. And as for Mad Man Pondo? I badgered him until he agreed to do a book.

Along the way I started writing about current wrestlers. I’ve featured a lot of indie stars both here on this website and on Slam Wrestling, folks you may know like Cash Flo and The Outrunners, and folks I hope you’ll know better soon like Reese Ramone and Shaloncè Royal.

Every man and woman who has ever set foot in a wrestling ring has a story to tell. Doesn’t matter if they were a wrestler, a manager, a ref, a photographer, or even a composer. Doesn’t matter if they were big time or small. Matter of fact, it’s the “small time” folks who often tell the best stories.

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If you want to read some wrestling stories, I’ve got plenty for you.

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