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A Progressive Liberal in Mike Pence’s State

I don’t like to get political, and when I say that, I mean it. Ask my wife. It sort of drives her nuts how very little interest I have in politics.

Daniel Richards told the crowd at Prodigy Pro Wrestling he does not like to get political. The first words out of his mouth were, “I don’t like to get political…” But when Richards started in on the good people of Indiana, blaming them for Trump’s victory and of course Mike Pence, I got the sense he was being about as honest as, well, a politician.

Richards drove ten hours to the show Friday night at the ArenA in Jeffersonville, but it sure sounded to me like he regretted it. Standing tall at 6’5″ with a pair of kneepads decked with the red, white and blue donkey of the Democratic Party and a T-shirt adorned front to back with the image of his beloved Hillary Clinton, the “Progressive Liberal” railed on Trump, Pence, Hoosiers in general, and the NRA.

Perhaps then it was fitting that the bookers at Prodigy Pro Wrestling matched him against former OVW champion Tony Gunn. That’s GUNN with two N’s, who attempted to give away a T-shirt away before being jumped by the Progressive Liberal. Richards had the upper hand and went for an early pin, but when referee Max Recon only gave him a two count, Richards demanded a recount. Then another. Then another. Gunn kicked out at two every time, prompting a cry of “Collusion!” from Richards, who later accused the always in control ref of being a Russian.

Despite the early advantage, Richards could not put Gunn away. He could not draw any momentum from the crowd either, as his cries of “Feel the Bern!” and “Hillary!” were met with derisive chants of “Snowflake!” In the end, it was Gunn who took the victory away from the Progressive Liberal, forcing him to do his best impression of his beloved Hillary Clinton and walk away in defeat.

Richards and Gunn were just one of many entertaining matches Friday night as Prodigy Pro drew their largest crowd yet for their sixth show. Other stand outs included John Wayne Murdoch vs. former CZW Champion Joe Gacy, Corey Storm and Dan O’Haire vs. Daniel Eads and Logan James, and Reed Bentley vs. Gary Jay.

A heavyweight showdown between Flash Flanigan and Big Zo ended in a disqualification when Flanigan went after Big Zo with a Kendo stick. Hy Zaya raced into the ring to make the save for Zo, and Doug Votaw finally agreed to grant Hy Zaya a match with Flanigan at the April 27 show to finally end their feud.

Prodigy Pro Wrestling is a must-see promotion if you are in the Louisville area, a stellar show that offers a variety of wrestling styles and unique match ups never before seen anywhere. Friday’s show was standing room only, and if history is any indication, the crowds are only going to get bigger. You can find them on Facebook and Twitter.