Chris Candido: No Gimmicks Needed


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Chris Candido loved professional wrestling. From the day he met his grandfather Popeye Richards, he wanted nothing more than to follow in his footsteps.

Chris Candido started wrestling at an age when many of his peers were discovering the sport. From the Galaxian Gym in Brooklyn to the Monster Factory, he honed the skills that would lead him to greatness. He even promoted his shows, acting as wrestler and referee, while still in junior high.

Candido’s natural talent and charisma led him to Memphis, to Smoky Mountain, and to the WWF, where he and life-long girlfriend became superstars as the Bodydonnas. But it was in ECW that Chris became one of the most beloved men in the history of professional wrestling.

Chris Candido was an NWA World Champion and a WWF Tag Team Champion, but a turbulent relationship, financial woes, and an addition to pills nearly destroyed him. Against all odds, he defeated his demons and staged an incredible comeback, only to have his life cut short at age 33.

John Cosper and Jonny Candido reveal the full story of the “No Gimmicks Needed” superstar through the eyes of his family, friends, and fans. Discover what made Chris Candido a wrestler’s wrestler. See for yourself how an undersized kid from Jersey made a deep impact on the sport he loved.

Number of pages: 256.

Books are signed by both John Cosper and Jonny Candido.


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