I Probably Screwed You Too: The Mostly True Stories of Kenny “Starmaker” Bolin

There’s a reason they call Kenny Bolin the Starmaker. For nearly a decade, Kenny Bolin sent more men from Louisville’s Ohio Valley Wrestling to the WWE than anyone. Bolin had a hand in making the careers of John Cena, Rico Costantino, Rob Conway, Mark Henry, Bobby Lashley, Sean O’Haire, Lance Cade, Mark Jindrak, Mike Mondo, Carlito, Sylvester Terkay, and many more. Now, the retired manager turned media giant is telling his story. One of the sharpest minds in the history of wrestling, Kenny Bolin’s story has become the stuff of legend. From his humble beginnings as the son of Kentucky’s last convicted cattle rustler; to his childhood friendship with the nefarious Jim Cornette; to the many schemes he allegedly perpetrated on the American public; to a chance meeting with Nick Gulas at Service Merchandise; you’ll read how this humble Kentucky wrestling fan stubbornly refused to pay his dues and waited for the moment when the wrestling gods wised up and gave him what was coming to him.

The tale of Kenny Bolin is so outlandish, so outrageous at times, you’ll swear it can’t possibly true – and some of it isn’t. Thankfully, Kenny conned a few of his close, personal friends to come along for the ride to help you sort fact from fiction, including Mark Cuban, Jerry Lawler, Jerry Jarrett, Dutch Mantell, Rico Costantino, “The Sinister Minister” James Mitchell, Terry “Garvin” Simms, Dean Hill, Nova, JBL, Mark Henry, Damien Sandow, Sylvester Teraky, Bill Apter, and even Jim Cornette. This book may not be the most truthful book you’ll ever read, but it is the most entertaining and funny wrestling memoir you’ll read this week. So grab a chair, pop on a pair of Beets by Bolin headphones, and prepare to shake your head in disbelief as you read the (mostly) true stories of Kenny Starmaker Bolin.

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