Wrestling Dad – A new comedy short

Well, this was bound to happen.

For those who don’t know, I was a short film maker for more than a decade before I became a wrestling writer. After seeing Portia Perez’s Shoot Job on Youtube, I got inspired. Happy that my friend Marc Hauss and my the brilliant George Robert Bailey were willing to come along.

Eat Sleep Wrestle presents… Wrestling Dad. Enjoy.

Portia Perez’s “Shoot Job”

Pro wrestling isn’t always kind to those who keep the sport alive. Portia Perez is one of many wrestlers who had to step away too soon due to an injury, and like all who have to give up on their wrestling dreams, she had to get a shoot job.

“Shoot job” is wrestling slang for a real world 9-to-5 job. Many wrestlers have shoot jobs to pay the rent, provide for their families, and finance their real passion. In Portia’s case, “Shoot Job” means something unique.

“Shoot Job” will be unveiled on March 28, but you can watch the trailer on YouTube, or by clicking play below.

Be sure to bookmark Portia’s website, follow her on Twitter, and check out her Pro Wrestling Tees store. “Portia Perez Still Hates Me” has to be one of the best designs I’ve seen on their site!

The Internet and the Indy Wrestling Revival

esw coverListening to Jeff Jarrett on this week’s Talk is Jericho and he brings up an interesting point about the uptick in quality in independent wrestling.

In the old territory days, the young guys were made to watch every single match. Dutch Mantell forced a young Steve Austin to sit in a chair, watch every match on the card every night, and learn. He did, and look where it got him.

In the heyday of IWA Mid-South, when the old territories were just a memory, CM Punk, Chris Hero, Colt Cabana, and Dave Prazak would stay up all night raiding Ian Rotten’s video tape collection and watching wrestling from around the world. Prazak founded Shimmer. Cabana and Hero are two of the few making big bucks outside the WWE. Punk became a legend.

Today’s young stars grew up with Internet and YouTube. They have access to wrestling from every era, every federation, every continent, and every style. It’s Ian Rotten’s old video library times a million.

I am not excusing those who never get in the ring to train and call themselves “professional wrestlers.” There’s no excuse for not learning all you can, inside the ring and out, from veterans who know the business. There are some things you can’t learn from video, but there’s a whole lot you can learn just by watching.

There’s a reason why Stone Cold became Stone Cold. It’s the same reason Punk became Punk. It’s one of the reasons today’s indies are a far cry from the indies of fifteen years ago.

Just one of many reasons we are seeing a revival in independent wrestling.