The Bomb Shelter: Curse of the Undead Bride


The Bomb Shelter battles special guest villain Su Yung in their second young adult sci-fi novel.

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A new evil arises from the wrestling ring, and this time, the fate of the world is at stake. It’s up to the Bomb Shelter to surf the space-time continuum to save the day.

After traveling back in time to prevent an assassination attempt on Ed “Strangler” Lewis, Joseph Schwartz, Randi West, and Zodiak make a detour to a small town in Connecticut, where an ancient evil has awakened. The Bomb Shelter realizes too late they’ve fallen into a trap as the undead bride Su Yung enslaves Joseph Schwartz in order to harness his time traveling ability and create an unstoppable army of undead wrestlers!

The newest adventure from the Bomb Shelter takes you back and forth and even sideways in time, as Randi and Zodiak join forces once again with Satu Jinn to rescue Joseph and unravel Su Yung’s plot before she can plunge the whole world into darkness. Along the way they’ll partner with the Lost Girl Samantha Heights, super hero in training Corey Storm, and some of the greatest names from the golden age of wrestling.

Curse of the Undead Bride is a star-studded wrestling adventure across time and space for fans of all ages – even those who never grew up!

Number of pages: 152

Books are signed by Joseph Schwartz, Corey Storm, and John Cosper!

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