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The story of a long lost wrestling pioneer finally comes to light. Read the incredible tale of the scufflin’ hillbilly turned glamour girl who terrorized fans, rivals, and refs for more than a decade, Elvira Snodgrass!


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Decades before the recent Women’s Wrestling Revolution put women on top of the biggest wrestling cards in the world, there was a time when women were featured in the main event everywhere they fought. The undisputed champion Mildred Burke packed the houses and wrestled two-out-of-three falls almost every night as she guarded her world title. Nipping at her heels for more than a decade was the meanest, toughest, finger biting, ref abusing woman ever to set foot in the ring, Elvira Snodgrass.

A redheaded firebrand from Varnado, Louisiana, Gutherine Fuller adopted a number of ring names before second husband Elmer Snodgrass gave her the surname that made her famous. As women’s wrestling became a true draw in the early 1940s, Elvira Snodgrass catapulted to headline status alongside Burke and the other queens of the ring. She won the fans over with her “aw shucks” demeanor and scufflin’ style before going Hollywood and breaking their hearts as the rule-breaking, liberty taking heel who would do anything to win.

Once lost to history and forgotten because of her early death, the tale of Elvira Snodgrass is a short but rollicking ride through one of the most exciting eras in professional wrestling and the inspirational journey of a fiercely independent woman. From her surprise early title win as Betty Nichols to the tragic car accident that ended her career, you’ve got a ringside seat to rediscover one of the biggest and brashest stars of the 1940s. Just remember to stay in your seat and keep your hands to yourself. This is one lady you do not want to cross!

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