Ella: Wrestling With Madness


A chilling ghost story featuring one of the most frightening and fearsome ladies in independent wrestling, Ella!

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Is she Ella? Or is she Elizabeth? Either way, she is one of the most terrifying specters of the modern day wrestling ring, and now, her story can be told!
Ben Peterson was only eighteen years old when he caught the attention of the biggest wrestling company in the world. He was already living a wrestler’s life, with a steady girlfriend and another girl on the side. Then one night, he picks up a hitchhiker named Elizabeth, a mysterious but beautiful young woman carrying a strange doll who lived near the abandoned sanitarium. After a romantic encounter by moonlight, Elizabeth runs off, leaving her doll behind.

A day later, Ben finds himself on the run from the police, the prime suspect in a series of murders. Each of the victims is someone close to Ben, and when Ben confides in his mentor about his late night encounter, he discovers the terrifying truth about the girl with the doll.

Inspired by one of the most terrifying figures in independent wrestling, Ella: Wrestling With Madness is a gruesome and terrifying tale of Elizabeth and Ella, two sides of the same person locked in the same straight jacket.

Number of pages: 100

Books are signed by Ella and John Cosper!

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