Midnight Girl Fight Preview: Billie Starkz

Girl Fight Wrestling has granted Eat Sleep Wrestle total access to the roster for its second midnight show, Midnight Girl Fight 2: Howdy, Pilgrim! Today is part six of this series, featuring Billie Starkz.    

There’s something different about Billie Starkz, something you just don’t see often in independent wrestling. Although she only made her debut in October, the young star has her own quirky approach to life and to wrestling. She grabbed a lot of people’s attention a few weeks ago on social media, when she stole fellow Grindhouse Academy product ZDP’s prized “Top of the Class” plaque and paraded it around town for a week. And she certainly got my attention when, unlike any other member of the Girl Fight roster, she submitted the answers to her interview written on paper from a wide ruled notebook.

“I’m enjoying every minute,” she says, expressing her joy at finally fulfilling a dream. “I have had the chance to met and train with amazing people. I learn new things all the time, and everyone at Grindhouse is willing to be my rag doll. Aaron LaMotta has taught me how to make sure to always keep the crowd’s attention. I’ve also been able to just be myself, which makes everything easier when I interact with the fans.”

Billie is well aware of the reputation Girl Fight has, both as a promotion that launches careers and showcases some hard-hitting action. “It’s amazing! I have been to many shows as a fan, and I remember seeing Crazy Mary (WWE’s Sarah Logan), Taeler Hendrix, and Amazing Maria.”

Billie also credits Girl Fight’s founding father Mad Man Pondo with helping her pursue her own dream. “He introduced me to 2 Tuff Tony, and Tony let me train at Grindhouse. Now that I can be on the show, expect to see me at all the Girl Fights!”

Billie certainly doesn’t lack confidence, but she’s facing a very tough challenge in Samantha Heights. “Samantha has been my mentor and big sister through this crazy thing called wrestling.” I reminded Billie that Samantha once pulled a knife on Hardcore Heather Owens in a weapons match at Girl Fight. Billie shrugged it off. “She is an amazing wrestler, but I know all her tricks, including the knife in the boot. She doesn’t know all of mine!”

Billie is eager to step in the ring with Samantha next week, and she wants to see the Arena packed for the midnight show. “Fans need to show up because Girl Fight is about to take over the Kentuckiana area! Good things are happening! You are going to see some new wrestlers and some much loved wrestlers all in one show. Plus, no one has work, school, or anything else until Thanksgiving dinner Thursday!”

I beg to differ, Miss Starkz. I’ll be up at 9 am to watch the Macy’s Parade and start prepping my sides for the family dinner. But that won’t stop me from being at the Arena to see how you fare against Samantha Heights.

Fans can see Billie and more at Midnight Girl Fight 2 on November 21 at the Arena in Jeffersonville, Indiana, 1416 Spring Street. Bell time is at 11:59 PM.

Midnight Girl Fight Preview: Amazing Maria

Girl Fight Wrestling has granted Eat Sleep Wrestle total access to the roster for its second midnight show, Midnight Girl Fight 2: Howdy, Pilgrim! Today is part five of this series, featuring Amazing Maria.  

While a number of very talented women have come and gone since the first Girl Fight Show, Amazing Maria has become a very familiar face in the company. She’s a big believer in Girl Fight due to the opportunity it gave her and still gives others. “Girl Fight has given a vast number of young girls a place to work and get better at their craft. Girl Fight gives ladies the opportunity to come together and have fun and be a part of something bigger than ourselves.”

Fans who have attended multiple Girl Fight Shows are familiar with Amazing Maria. Once known as the Most Hated Woman in Wrestling, Maria has become one of the top fan favorites in the company. She’s outstanding singles matches and some fantastic tag matches with partner Samantha Heights, but her status change with the fans hasn’t chanted her a bit.

“The only thing that has affected how I prepare in the ring is me. I worked hard and earned the respect of the fans at girlfight to become a fan favorite. The fans can see and appreciate hard work and determination. I am one of the only ladies to have competed on almost every single Girl Fight event. Going 17-0 before my first loss in the finals of the Girl Fight Championship tournament, the fans have been with me from day one, and I earned their faith and trust in me.”

Maria has seen a few new crops of lady wrestlers enter the Girl Fight ranks, and she’s excited about newcomers like Billie Starks, Charlie Kruel, and Alice. “I’m excited to see what they have to offer. What they bring to the table. I hope they are up to the challenge of being in the ring with us originals!!”

Maria will have her hands full with her own challenger Lexxie Green, but fans know darn well she will be up to the task. “It will be a very tough, hard hitting match. We have been in the ring a few times before, and and it’s nothing short of strong style. Everyone knows how I love to fight so the outcome will be no different from any other time we’ve been in the ring….myself as the winner!”

I asked Maria why fans should make a point to come out for Midnight Girl Fight 2. “Why shouldn’t they?!!” she replied. “Midnight Girl Fight is a fun time for everyone! It’s the night before Thanksgiving, so there’s no school the next day. All the young kids get to come out and support their favorite ladies! It gives families some fun, friendly entertainment to start off their holiday. Midnight Girl Fight, or any other Girl Fight for that matter is def the place to be. Besides, where else are you going to see tomorrow’s WWE, TNA, ROH, or Lucha Underground stars today? Hope to see everyone there!”

Fans can see Amazing Maria and more at Midnight Girl Fight 2 on November 21 at the Arena in Jeffersonville, Indiana, 1416 Spring Street. Bell time is at 11:59 PM.

Midnight Girl Fight Preview: Thunderkitty

Girl Fight Wrestling has granted Eat Sleep Wrestle total access to the roster for its second midnight show, Midnight Girl Fight 2: Howdy, Pilgrim! Today is part four of this series, featuring Thunderkitty. 

Girl Fight prides itself on presenting the best in independent women’s wrestling. The ladies who have been regulars or semi-regulars over the years are not cat-fighting,  hair-pulling divas. Fans know wen they come to see someone like Thunderkitty, they’re going to see a fight.

Like fellow competitor Hayley Shadows, Thunderkitty has had a match on WWE television, facing Carmella on Smackdown. She has enjoyed some stiff competition at Girl Fight, including an intergender battle with the notorious Tracy Smothers at their Gender Wars show. “My most memorable Girl Fight match was against Randi West a couple years ago,” said Thunderkitty. “She also has no problems punching a broad in the face.”

Thunderkitty intends on doing a lot of punching on November 21, when she faces the self-described “dog lady,” Cassandra Golden. “She’ll be up against someone that’s lived more than three of her lifetimes that ain’t afraid to fight a dog. Or a dog-lady. Or both at the same time.”

Thunderkitty is not just a competitor. She’s a fan of what Girl Fight has done for women’s wrestling. “There’s more women’s wrestling locally now for folks to go see. And it travels to different areas too.”

As with all the competitors, I asked her why fans should come out for the late night bell time on November 21. “Well, good wrestling obviously,” she began, “But seriously though, what have you got to do? You probably don’t gotta work the next day. Better than sitting at home chugging Nyquil because you have to deal with your family.”

Fans can see this match and more at Midnight Girl Fight 2 on November 21 at the Arena in Jeffersonville, Indiana, 1416 Spring Street. Bell time is at 11:59 PM.

Midnight Girl Fight Preview: Piper Brooks

Girl Fight Wrestling has granted Eat Sleep Wrestle total access to the roster for its second midnight show, Midnight Girl Fight 2: Howdy, Pilgrim! Today is part three of this series, featuring Piper Brooks. 

To many wrestling, fans, an all-women’s show is a gimmick in itself. Never mind that there are a number of great all-women’s promotions who have put on hundreds (yes, WWE, hundreds) of all-women’s pay-per-views. To some fans, it’s novelty enough in itself. Girl Fight likes to push the boundaries of how people view women’s wrestling. Not only are they running their second midnight show, this one features a match with a no disqualification, falls count anywhere stipulation between two very brutal, hard-hitting women.

A former MP in the US Army, the powerful Piper Brooks is one half of that match up, facing the smaller but very dangerous Girl Fight veteran in Khloe. Khloe just made her debut for Juggalo Championship Wrestling, as blood-thirsty a crowd as you’ll find anywhere, but Piper is no stranger to ultra-violent matches. “I’ve had a no dq and last woman standing match. I actually really enjoyed them. I’m pretty excited for the falls count anywhere part.”

Brooks and Khloe will likely send fans running for cover, and if Brooks has anything to say about it, they will give the fans something to remember. “Lots of hard hitting. Smack talking. Biting. Maybe blood. Lots of fun.”

Piper is thrilled such a match is taking place at Girl Fight, and she’s grateful for the opportunities women’s promotions offer. “They make it easier to get recognition. People take the female wrestling more seriously because they see it happening more. We can do the same stuff the guys can. Or better in some cases.”

Midnight Girl Fight takes place the evening before Thanksgiving, and like all of the other women on the card, Piper sees no good reason for fans to skip this show. “I mean, unless you’ll be at the pound rescuing pit bulls, there’s no other place to be. You get too see this amazing all female wrestling show, where we put it all on the line. Literally, there’s nothing better.”

Fans can see this match and more at Midnight Girl Fight 2 on November 21 at the Arena in Jeffersonville, Indiana, 1416 Spring Street. Bell time is at 11:59 PM.

Midnight Girl Fight Preview: Hayley Shadows

Girl Fight Wrestling has granted Eat Sleep Wrestle total access to the roster for its second midnight show, Midnight Girl Fight 2: Howdy, Pilgrim! Today is part two of this series, featuring Charlie Kruel’s opponent for the event, Hayley Shadows. 

Hayley Shadows is no stranger to the Girl Fight scene, and she’s certainly no rookie like her opponent at Midnight Girl Fight 2. She faced Su Yung at a Girl Fight event in 2017, her favorite match at the promotion thus far, and she also made an appearance on WWE Smackdown facing Tamina. “I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity that I was given on Smackdown to go against someone like Tamina Snuka. By far my biggest achievement of my career so far.”

Shadows is also proud of her association with Girl Fight and welcomes every opportunity she gets to work with them. “Girl Fight gives women a chance to perform within themselves. Not only do we get to steal the show, but every single one of us gets specific roles. There’s no other company around here that does an all women’s show, every show. It’s a wonderful thing to be a part of, and to grow, and learn from all the other women that get to be a part of it as well.”

Hayley is no stranger to her opponent, Charlie Kruel, and she’s looking forward to giving Kruel another beat down. “I’ve wrestled Charlie multiple times, and beat her every single time. I’m the original, and she can’t hold a candle to the one that’ll rip her head off of her shoulders!”

Shadows is excited to be a part of the second ever midnight show. “Not only is Girl Fight the only promotion that does a Midnight show, but it’s also filled talented women that strive at the chance of opportunity. We all work extremely hard to put on the best shows possible, and with it being at midnight you know it’s bound to get chaotic.”

Fans can see this match and more at Midnight Girl Fight 2 on November 21 at the Arena in Jeffersonville, Indiana, 1416 Spring Street. Bell time is at 11:59 PM.

Midnight Girl Fight Preview: Charlie Kruel

Girl Fight Wrestling has granted Eat Sleep Wrestle total access to the roster for its second midnight show, Midnight Girl Fight 2: Howdy, Pilgrim! Today is part one of this series, featuring one of the fastest rising stars in the Midwest, the “Beautiful Nightmare” Charlie Kruel. 

Charlie Kruel is exactly the type of wrestler Girl Fight was created for. She’s young, she’s hungry, she’s determined to become a star. Charlie is a savvy networker who continues to debut for new promotions further and further from her home base. She’s also the girl who shocked the fans at the last Midnight Girl Fight with a pin fall over Mickie Knuckles in the Number One Contenders Tournament.

“Every woman backstage was crawling and scratching to get to be the number one contender for the Girl Fight title,” she says. “I definitely beat all the odds and the doubters in the audience that night. Even getting to share the ring with Ludark Shaitan. It was an incredible night for myself.”

Incredible though it may be, Kruel is not satisfied merely sharing the ring with the best. She wants to be the best, and has since she was only 11.

“When I was 8 or 9, I remember walking in and seeing my brothers and step dad watch it on our TV in the living room. My brothers would invite the neighborhood kids to come over and ‘wrestle’ as their favorite wrestler. I ended up being able to wrestle with them as well. What really made me want to make a career out wrestling was AJ Lee. Her match vs Kaitlyn at 2013 Payback from the (then) Divas title inspires me to this day.”

Kruel will mark her one year anniversary in the business this January, but first, she has to go through a dangerous Girl Fight veteran in Haley Shadows. “She’s a snake. She’s out for no one else but herself. She calls herself the ‘Barbie Killer,’ and I’m definitely no Barbie and someone who can’t be killed. We squared off for the first time at Emerge Wrestling in Columbus, IN for the Emerge Women’s Title. She ended up cheating her way to the victory. Since then I’m out for my revenge on her and nothing but payback. If she’s reading this, get ready for my kicks. Because it’s coming straight to your face!”

Kruel made history at the first Midnight Girl Fight Show, and she believes the second show will deliver as well. “It will be nothing but kick ass. There’s a lot of exciting talent to see, and you get to see me beat up Hayley Shadows. Plus, if the Thanksgiving meal is bad the next day or you’re already annoyed by your family, you at least have the Girl Fight Midnight show to think all about.”

Charlie Kruel has a lot to be thankful for heading into Thanksgiving weekend. She’s accomplished a lot in eleven months and she’s ready for more. “2019 will be the year of Kruel. Believe it.”

Watch all the ladies in action at Midnight Girl Fight 2 on November 21 at the Arena in Jeffersonville, Indiana, 1416 Spring Street. Bell time is at 11:59 PM.

Billie Starkz Demands Your Attention – Especially You, Zach Pittman

Billie Starkz has only been a wrestler, officially, less than a month, but Grindhouse Academy product is selling her feud with Zach Pittman better than WWE sells its current product.

At Sunday’s Grindhouse show at the Jeffersonville Arena, she managed to sneak away with a prized plaque that belongs to Pittman, and ever since, she’s been taunting him with photos of the plaque on social media. The plaque has been used as a footrest, attended classes, and had many adventures in the past few days. It’s been fun to watch, and the week has only just begun.

Independent wrestlers today are small businesses. They are their own brand managers, and those who learn how to market themselves well will go far.

It’s still very early in her career, but I think Billie Starkz has a bright future in this business.

You can catch Billie in action every Sunday at 2 PM with Grindhouse Pro Wrestling at the Arena in Jeffersonville, 1416 Spring Street. Billie will also make her debut with Girl Fight Wrestling at their next Midnight Girl Fight show. Bell time is 11:59 PM on Wednesday, November 21, the night before Turkey Day.

(Photo credit: Mouse’s Wrestling Adventures)

Tradition Continues at Midnight Girl Fight 2

If you’ve read Mad Man Pondo’s book, you know the reason Girl Fight was created. With so little female wrestling talent in the Louisville area, Pondo chose to create a promotion that would allow young, new female wrestlers could learn from and network with veteran wrestlers.

To say the promotion has been a success in that regard would be an understatement. A number of the girls who worked for Girl Fight the promotion started are now working for Shimmer, Shine, Ring of Honor, Impact, and even WWE. Pondo filled a void in the women’s wrestling scene, providing a stepping stone from the training schools and local promotions to the larger women’s wrestling stages. What’s exciting to me about the poster for Midnight Girl Fight 2: Hello Pilgrim that the promotion is still providing that vital link for younger talent.

Fans of Girl Fight will see a number of familiar faces on November 21 at Midnight. (Yes, that’s the night before Thanksgiving!) Randi West, Samantha Heights, Amazing Maria, Hayley Shadows, Khloe, and Thunderkitty are all scheduled to appear. Fans will also see Charlie Kruel, a Grindhouse Academy trainee who had a tremendous run at the last Girl Fight show including a win over Mickie Knuckles and has expanded her territory rapidly over the last year. Randi West’s protégé Alice will be making her Girl Fight debut at the show along with Grindhouse Academy’s young star, Billie Starkz.

As always the card is subject to change, but fans can expect to see:

Samantha Heights vs. Billie Starkz

Randi West vs. Alice

Piper Brooks vs. Khloe in a No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere Match

Amazing Maria vs. Lexxie Green

Hayley Shadows vs. Charlie Kruel

Cassandra Golden vs. Thunderkitty

Midnight Girl Fight 2 takes place at the promotion’s home base, the Arena at 1416 Spring Street in Jeffersonville, Indiana. For those who are curious, the last show ended just before 2:30 AM, so you should have plenty of time to get home and catch a few winks before the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade steps off at 9 AM.

Click here to go to the Facebook event page for ticket information and other details.

How to Turn Creepy Fans Into Gimmick Table Gold

Like most female wrestlers, Jordynne Grace is subject to the creepy, inappropriate messages that a small minority (at least I hope it’s small) of wrestling fans thinks is acceptable. It’s the kind of crap that was unacceptable before the #MeToo era and is absolutely inexcusable now.

Jordynne is a very sharp lady with a wicked sense of humor. At least I presume she is because she’s taken the creepy fodder DM’ed to her on social media and turned it into gold. Jordynne now not only offers a book of creepy DMs from fans, she’s turned some of them into a T-shirt.

The T-shirt and book are rated R content. Not the kind  of thing you can wear to your niece’s fifth birthday party, but perfect attire for a lot of wrestling shows.

Check out Jordynne’s book, T-shirt, and other merch on her website. And for heaven’s sake, guys, let’s lay off the creepy messages. It’s 2018. Act like it.

Anything You Can Do, They Can Do Badder

If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber, you need to watch the documentary High Heels.

This 30 minute film is a great introduction to some of the best heels in the wrestling business – none of which are men. Through interviews with classic stars like X-Pac and Booker T, High Heels explains the long-lost art of wrestling like a heel and why no one today does it. At the same time, it introduces you to ladies like Amazing Maria, Samantha Heights, and Madi Maxx who can still produce that old school heat on a nightly basis.

I’ve written about all three of the ladies above many times, and I’ve seen them in person. In a time when guys want to be cool heels, there are ladies who really don’t give a crap if the fans like them or not. They are as old school as they come, and they area a must-see any time they’re nearby.

High Heels is now streaming only on Amazon Prime. If you’re not a subscriber, you can get a free week’s trial. It’s worth your time, and very entertaining.