2018 in Review

In 2018, Eat Sleep Wrestle LLC became an officially registered company.

We released Dr. D David Schultz’s autobiography, Don’t Call Me Fake.

We released Mad Man Pondo’s autobiography, Memoirs of a Mad Man.

We released a revised version of Louisville’s Greatest Show with expanded biographies of Stu Gibson and Elvira Snodgrass, among others.

We revised and rereleased Lord Carlton’s biography.

We also released this delightful little kids book in collaboration with Hy Zaya.

I produced a short film in conjunction with my long time friend and collaborator Ally LaBar that got a lot of love.

And there was also this one with Hurricane JJ Maguire and Sonny Burnette.


I attended numerous shows at the Jeffersonville Arena hosted by Pro Wrestling Freedom, Paradigm Pro Wrestling, and Terry Harper, among others.

I attended the first two standing room only Midnight Girl Fight shows.

Dr. D and I attended several wrestling events together including Heroes and Legends in Fort Wayne, Rocket City Wrestling Con in Huntsville, SICW in East Carondelet, Illinois, and Starrcast in Chicago.

Hurricane JJ Maguire and I took in the first ever Richmond Pop and Comic Con.

I attended the Hall of Fame induction weekend in Waterloo, Iowa.

And oh yeah… I went to this little independent wrestling show called ALL IN.

Hard work in 2018 has led to three exciting opportunities in early 2019. Two new books will be released: the first in what we hope will be a series with the Bomb Shelter, and the biography of the Black Panther Jim Mitchell.

I will also be attending the Cauliflower Alley Club with Dr. D in April/May.

2018 was great. 2019 is looking even greater.

Thank you, readers, fans, wrestlers, promoters, referees, and friends. Happy New Year.

Pondo and Khloe Do Chicago

Mad Man Pondo and Khloe recently tore up the town in Chicago. They also had a chance to speak with the Or Else Podcast. Check out the video by clicking here.

If you don’t have Mad Man Pondo’s book yet… shame on you! order it now on Amazon, or email me at johncosper@yahoo.com to get it signed. 

Please give a follow to our friends at the Or Else Podcast as well. 

Follow the Midwest Territory

When I first started blogging, I saw a need for someone to give proper coverage to the independent wrestling promotions here in the Midwest. There were half a dozen promotions running just in the Louisville area at that time, and the number grows exponentially as you move out into Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio. It was far too big a task for me to bite off at that time, and I would dare say it’s an even bigger challenge now.

Thankfully, Chad French was crazy enough to take it on himself. He began blogging about wrestling using the blog title, “Chad Is an Idiot,” and I’m sure he felt that way at times trying to get his arms around the Midwest wrestling scene. That said, Chad has proven he is no slouch when it comes to writing about and promoting independent wrestling. His blog is now called the Midwest Territory, and he’s doing a phenomenal job keeping readers informed as to what’s going on across Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio, and even Illinois.

Midwest Territory is a must read blog for anyone who wants to get to know the promotions and the wrestlers in the current scene. Chad does feature stories on upcoming shows and regular interviews with the men and women who are ascending the independent ranks. Follow Midwest Territory on Twitter and Facebook, and you’ll get even more posts about upcoming shows in the region. Chad does his best to cover everyone from OVW in Louisville to Rockstar Pro in Dayton to Wrestling Theology Fellowship in Indianapolis and other names and places too numerous to mention. He’s got a great thing going, and he deserves all the credit and support in the world for what he brings to the business.

You can find the the Midwest Territory on their website, on Facebook, and on Twitter. And throw Chad a little love by buying a shirt from his new web store!

Now the World Knows Shane Mercer

For the one or two of you who have not seen it, here’s the video of the Iron Demon Shane Mercer lifting and using a set of metal bleachers at a match this past weekend.

Seeing this makes me question whether or not I should have picked on him as much as I did in Hy Zaya’s book, Good Night Ninja. You see, Hy loves to snap photos of guys sleeping in his car, and well, Shane rides with Hy and falls asleep in his car a lot. Given what Shane did in this video, it’s understandable the guy might need a little rest. It’s also questionable whether we should have included so many photos of him. I mean, if Shane can do this to a pair of bleachers, what could he do with a wrestling author?

PWF: Primus Is Set to Deliver

Not many wrestling shows can deliver your money’s worth in one fight. Friday’s Pro Wrestling Freedom show, featuring their annual Primus tournament, will deliver your money’s worth and then some with the opening match.

The Carnies were one of the most violent, sadistic, and ruthless tag teams in America the last few years, going toe to toe with equally sinister duos like the Rejects and the Hooligans. Their recent implosion at PWF and their subsequent flame war on social media foreshadows an all-out war will happen when Nick Iggy and Kerry Awful meet in the opening match of the night, and the Primus tournament, Friday at the Jeffersonville Arena. Kerry Awful has declared that the circus is closed forever, but Nick Iggy insists that he IS the circus and that the sow will go on. The bad blood will no doubt spill out of the ring during Friday’s curtain jerker, and any fans who show up late will suffer the fate of being told, “You don’t know what you missed.”

Primus is PWF’s signature event, and this year’s tournament also includes opening round match-ups include Dominic Garrini vs. B-Boy, Brett Ison vs. Cash Flo, Kevin Giza vs. Jason Kincaid, Teddy King vs. Sage Philips, and The Zodiak vs. Kevin Ku.

Fans will also see a special feature match in which the Fear Family ( Derek Neal & Tyler Matrix) with Father Fear will take on Ryan Dookie & Effy.

Pro Wrestling Freedom Presents: Primus 2018 takes place Friday, Nov 30th 2018 at The Arena, 1416 Spring St in Jeffersonville, Indiana. Tickets are $20 and include a free poster and a meet  and greet beginning at 7 PM.  Kids 5 and under free. Doors open at 7 PM, and bell time is at 8 PM.

Midnight Girl Fight Preview: Khloe

Girl Fight Wrestling has granted Eat Sleep Wrestle total access to the roster for its second midnight show, Midnight Girl Fight 2: Howdy, Pilgrim! Today is part twelve of this series, featuring Khloe. 

To look at the tale of the tape, the no disqualification/ falls count anywhere match between Khloe and Piper Brooks at Midnight Girl Fight 2 looks like a mismatch. Piper Brooks is coming in with a significant advantage in height and muscle, but even she knows she has her work cut out for her in Kentucky’s own Khloe.

Khloe is no stranger to Girl Fight. She’s had many classic battles with some of the best women’s wrestlers in the country. It’s telling, though that when asked what her favorite match was, she picks the very dangerous and deadly Su Yung. “It was a dream come true,” says Khloe. You can almost see the sadistic glint in her eye when she says it.

Khloe is no stranger to the special stipulations on Wednesday night’s show either. “I have been in several no DQ/ falls count anywhere matches. More than Piper. This ain’t my first rodeo!” Khloe also got a warm up for the extra violent affair with her recent debut in front of the most hostile, violent fans in all of wrestling at Juggalo Championship Wrestling. How did she do? “I got over with the Juggalos very well. I think they liked that I was small but didn’t take any s–t!”

Khloe says she is “sleeping a lot” to prepare for battle with Piper, adding, “I got this!” when I asked of she was really ready. No doubt Khloe will come racing out of the curtains ready to give the fans a bang for their buck at the pre-Thanksgiving event.

“Women’s wrestling is hott!!!” she adds. “And it’s not your every day wrestling event!”

Fans can prepare to fight with their families over dinner by watching Khloe and Piper Brooks beat the crap out of one another at Midnight Girl Fight 2 on November 21 at the Arena in Jeffersonville, Indiana, 1416 Spring Street. Bell time is at 11:59 PM.

Midnight Girl Fight Preview: Lexxi Green

Girl Fight Wrestling has granted Eat Sleep Wrestle total access to the roster for its second midnight show, Midnight Girl Fight 2: Howdy, Pilgrim! Today is part eleven of this series, featuring Lexxi Green.     

Let’s get one thing straight right off the top. It’s spelled L-E-X-X-I, not L-E-X-X-I-E, as seen on the posters. Just like a thug (apologies to Tracy Smothers), Mad Man Pondo can’t spell.

Lexxi Green is a six year veteran of professional wrestling who was trained by Legendary Larry D and Reverend Ronnie Roberts. She broke in as a school girl managing the Dysfunctional Family (John Strange, J.R. Roc and Scotty Ray). “It wasn’t until almost 2 years in before I got the family last name of Green from my Uncle Tommy Green,” she says

Lexxi appeared on the very first Girl Fight Show, and has made other appearances since. “I was in that Battle Royal on the very first show,” she says. “My most memorable match was for Prime Time Wrestling in my hometown of Cynthia, Kentucky. I wrestled outside against Rudy Jordan.”

Lexxi is very thankful for Girl Fight because opportunities for women’s wrestlers are far and few between in Kentucky. “Every Girl Fight show gives us the opportunity to meet women from all around the country. Girl Fight benefits women’s wrestling by opening the doors to showcase what we can do. It’s nice that it’s all about the women for a change.”

Lexxi knows she’ll be up against some tough competition and fan sentiment when she steps in the ring Wednesday night against Amazing Maria, but she’s not intimidated in the least. “We’ve gone toe to toe in some hard fought battles. I know her every weakness, but she also knows mine. Matches between us always get brutal with our history! You won’t wanna miss it!”

Confident of victory, Lexxi promises a show to all the fans willing to stay up a little later the night before turkey day. “Come out this Wednesday at midnight to Girl Fight to see some of the best women’s wrestling this area has to offer! We promise we won’t let you down! You’re welcome!”

Fans can spend Thanksgiving Eve with Lexxi (not Lexxie) and eleven other amazing wrestlers at Midnight Girl Fight 2 on November 21 at the Arena in Jeffersonville, Indiana, 1416 Spring Street. Bell time is at 11:59 PM.

Midnight Girl Fight Preview: Cassandra Golden

Girl Fight Wrestling has granted Eat Sleep Wrestle total access to the roster for its second midnight show, Midnight Girl Fight 2: Howdy, Pilgrim! Today is part ten of this series, featuring Cassandra Golden.     

Most wrestlers can tell you exactly when they knew what they wanted to do for a living. For Cassandra Golden that moment happened almost 14 years ago. “I remember watching sitting down watching the Royal Rumble for the first time in 2005, and I have loved it ever since. It wasn’t anything I thought I could ever do because I was never the athletic type in school. I was more into academics. When I was in college, I decided that I didn’t want any regrets in life, so after graduation I started looking for training.”

Cassandra went to arguably the best trainer in the business, Lance Storm in Canada. She now trains with Action Jackson in Arkansas, and she learns from every opponent she faces.

“I had a match with Thunder Rosa a couple months ago and that was a really cool experience. Anytime I can wrestle someone with more experience than me is always a highlight. I always learn a ton.

“Also taking a superplex a couple months ago was also a highlight. Im not a top rope wrestler at all so being given one silenced a lot of fears I had about it.”

Cassandra is a self-described “crazy dog lady,” which is ironic considering she’s facing off with Thunderkitty. She’s not shy about talking about her love for her favorite pet. “I have a Shih Tzu. His name is Winston. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love him, and one way to get to me is to say something bad about him. He’s pretty much my baby.”

Cassandra may not have the experience of her opponent, but the academic-minded star will be well-prepared November 21. “I’m doing mainly tape study and a lot of in ring training to prepare for Thunderkitty. She’s wrestled at a lot of big name places, and I have seen many of her matches. I know how great she is. I’m excited and ready for the challenge.”

Cassandra is a welcome new face at Girl Fight, and she’s eager to meet some of the biggest women’s wrestling fans in the nation. “Fans should come out to the Midnight Girl Fight show to see some great woman’s wrestling! The woman’s revolution is in full effect, and it started here in the indies. People should also come to see me of course, haha!”

Fans can spend Thanksgiving Eve with Cassandra and eleven other amazing wrestlers at Midnight Girl Fight 2 on November 21 at the Arena in Jeffersonville, Indiana, 1416 Spring Street. Bell time is at 11:59 PM.

Midnight Girl Fight 2: Ref Charlene

Girl Fight Wrestling has granted Eat Sleep Wrestle total access to the roster for its second midnight show, Midnight Girl Fight 2: Howdy, Pilgrim! Today is part nine of this series, featuring referee Charlene McAnally.     

Fans today are smart enough to know it makes more than two people to make a wrestling match, and from WWE to CHIKARA to even Girl Fight, the officials who call the matches in the ring are known and respected by fans. Charlene McAnally has been a part of Girl Fight from its beginning, and over the past several years, this groundbreaking young woman has earned the respect of many wrestlers, promoters, and fans.

Charlene didn’t originally set out to be a ref. She wanted to be a wrestler, but it didn’t take many training sessions for her to realize her talents were better suited wearing the black and white stripes. As tricky as it can be to break into the wrestler ranks as a female, she’ll tell you it’s equally difficult for a referee.

“Your male counterparts automatically think you suck and I love proving them wrong,” she says. “Or they think you are someone’s girlfriend trying to fit in. I have to work twice as hard to get better bookings because some folks don’t want to use me. That’s their business, and wish they did not have that mindset, but I made it my job to change their mind with my work so that someday myself and other female referees can show that we are just as good as the guys and in most cases better.”

As much as a struggle as it was getting into the business, Charlene has seen the business change, in part due to promotions like Girl Fight. ” I remember when I first broke in, sometimes I would be the only women on the card. Now that’s a rare thing. I usually see at least one women’s match on the card, and I see more and more all girls shows popping up all over the country. It’s a great thing to see. Glad I can be a small part of a true women’s revolution in wrestling.”

Charlene recently made some major history of her own. After taking over the reigns of Louisville’s legendary wrestling promotion, Al Snow shocked Charlene when he named her the new head official for Ohio Valley Wrestling.

“It was a huge honor. Some great referees have come thru OVW. Joe Wheeler, Goose Mahoney, Chris Sharpe. To be name on that list is amazing. I worked very hard to be in that group of men, and to be the first women to be named head official makes the achievement even better.

“I am bless to to be part of the OVW locker room. I grew up a fan of the product. Every summer I would come up to Kentucky to visit family, and my dad would take me to the Summer Sizzler shows. To now actually be a part of the promotion is pretty cool.”

Charlene makes Girl Fight a priority because of the opportunity the promotion gave her and still gives to women in the business. “What sets Girl Fight apart from other shows is that a lot of the girls are not big names yet. Most of the girls are just getting started, and most of the newer girls will wrestle a veteran. That’s a good thing because it shows those ladies early if they have what it takes. You see a lot of girls that are not a ‘name” yet putting on matches that could be at a show like Shimmer. Pondo discovers these girls before the bigger shows do, so when you go to Girl Fight you will get a top level show.”

So why come to the Midnight Girl Fight Show on the 21st? “The biggest reason you should come out to Girl Fight is to see the best women’s wrestling in the midwest,” says Charlene. “The other reason? It’s Thanksgiving Eve. Do you really want to be stuck in the house with family from out of town you don’t even like?

Fans can spend Thanksgiving Eve with Charlene and twelve amazing competitors at Midnight Girl Fight 2 on November 21 at the Arena in Jeffersonville, Indiana, 1416 Spring Street. Bell time is at 11:59 PM.

Photo credit: Michigan Wrestling Illustrated. 

Midnight Girl Fight Preview: Randi West

Girl Fight Wrestling has granted Eat Sleep Wrestle total access to the roster for its second midnight show, Midnight Girl Fight 2: Howdy, Pilgrim! Today is part eight of this series, featuring Randi West.    

I don’t know how many Girl Fight shows Randi West has missed in the past, but I know if she wanted, she could go back and fix that. She can do it, because she is a time traveler.

The muscle of the time bandit trio known as Bomb Shelter is always a fan favorite wherever she goes. She fears no opponent, male or female, and she can take as much as she can dish out.

Randi is one of the rare women who has no trouble getting booked on all-male shows, but she truly enjoys promotions like Girl Fight. “I love the positive energy that is present in both the locker room and the crowd. Everyone is there to have fun, there is no drama. The group of women on the roster are hungry and talented.”

Randi sees Girl Fight as one of many promotions that have changed the perception of women’s wrestling. “We are no longer just a side show or a mini act to enhance the men. We are The Show.”

Randi’s opponent is a new face to Girl Fight and the wrestling business at large. Alice has been training with Randi at the Bomb Shelter’s home base, and the teacher couldn’t speak more highly of the student. “She is so talented for being 16 years old, I think that she will surprise a lot of people. She has this very innocent young look to her but when the bell rings she turns into a fierce competitor. After all she was trained by me.”

Now, there have been rumors circulating about a book the Bomb Shelter plans to release in a the near future, a volume that will pull back the curtain on their time traveling exploits. I had to ask Randi, and she was eager to confirm the story.

“Bomb Shelter will be releasing a young adult novel based on our adventures throughout space and time. The book includes other wrestlers such as Sugar D, Rich Swann, Thunderkitty, Satu Jinn, The Hooligans and Pondo. We found an amazing writer to help us put our idea into reality. I am a huge fan of books. Reading helped me thru times in my life that nothing else could. Books are a great way to step out of your reality for a few minutes and experience some magical escape, even if it’s just a few chapter.. I’m so excited about this product and its release. I cant wait for 2019.”

Getting back to Midnight Girl Fight, Randi is hopeful that the unusual bell time will actually draw more fans than normal. “We have so many amazing fans. GF wants to make sure that everyone of them gets the opportunity to see us perform. Some fans are unable to make the 7pm shows because of work or various reasons. This is our way of sharing with those fans as well.”

Fans can see Randi and more at Midnight Girl Fight 2 on November 21 at the Arena in Jeffersonville, Indiana, 1416 Spring Street. Bell time is at 11:59 PM.