Stand Back, Dr. D Is Coming Through!

Gregory Helms was never afraid to ask the tough questions when he was the ace reporter on WWE television, but what happened last weekend when Helms came face to face with Dr. D David Schultz?

Thanks to the Hurricane for not only a fun idea, but coaxing the big, bad Doctor into doing the sketch.

Finally, an Update!

It’s been awhile since I updated this blog. Has anyone even noticed? (Anyone? Anyone?)

I’ve been buried in newspapers the last several weeks, working hard on the first draft of the Black Panther Jim Mitchell’s biography. I am so excited this book is finally going to see the light of day. Shooting for an early 2019 release.

Prior to that, I will be releasing a new fiction book and another short wrestling project in September. More on that later.

I also have two more autobiographies lined up for 2019. More on those in the very near future as well.

I have some great stories to share soon about wrestling past and my recent trip to the Hall of Fame in Waterloo, Iowa. But today is all about shameless plugs.

Saturday is a big day. Mad Man Pondo will be making his return to ASW in West Virginia for promoter Gary Damron, and he will be selling and signing copies of his book Memoirs of a Mad Man. The book is getting raves from fans and readers and already has two 5-star reviews on Amazon. You can also hear Pondo on his latest podcast appearance with the Wrestle Talk Podcast if you click here.

I won’t be in West Virginia because I will be in Huntsville, Alabama with Dr. D David Schultz, promoting his top selling autobiography Don’t Call Me Fake. We will be at the Rocket City WrestlingCon Saturday, where the doors open at 3 PM. Other guests on the Rocket City include Tracy Smothers, Road Warrior Animal, Jimmy Hart, and Sabu. There’s a stellar wrestling card that evening as well. I can’t guarantee Dr. D is going to stick around for the wrestling show, so if you want to meet Doctor D, get there EARLY!

Much more excitement to come, but I’ll end the fun here for now. It’s been a great year so far, and I am looking forward to this weekend, and Starrcast at the end of the month.

Breaking News: Dr. D is “All In”

Dr. D David Schultz is headed to Starrcast.

Dr. D and I will be appearing on Saturday, September 1 only, the same day as the biggest non-WWE wrestling event in over two decades in the US. Who better to make an appearance than the man who defended the industry against a pencil neck like John Stossel?

See you in Chicago, fans.

Wrestling Lives at SICW

I had never head of East Carondelet, Illinois until a few months ago. When Dr. D David Schultz texted me and told me we were headed there for a wrestling show, I incorrectly entered it on my iPhone schedule as East Carbondale. My bad!

East Carondelet is a small town just east of the Mississippi from Saint Louis. It’s a very rural, with no sign of big city life to be found, and the Community Center where we attended the wrestling show was way out in the middle of farm land. As remote as it felt to a city boy like me, the 300+ fans who packed into the building had no trouble finding the place Saturday night. They know where East Carondelet is, and they know how to find the community center. They know, because promoter Herb Simmons still knows how to produce an old fashioned RASSLIN’ show.

Southern Illinois Championship Wrestling held one of their biggest shows of the year this past weekend marking the 59th anniversary of Wrestling at the Chase in St Louis along with the annual Bruiser Brody Memorial Battle Royal. Doctor D and I were invited as special guests alongside Bruiser’s widow Barbara Goodish, who could not have been more delightful or gracious. A handful of VIP guests arrived early to meet Doctor D and Barbara along with the other wrestlers who came early to sign autographs. OVW original Flash Flanigan was one of them, and he took a moment to come over and meet one of his biggest heroes during the meet and greet.

“You were one of the guys who really scared me as a kid,” Flash told Doctor D as the two shook hands.

Shortly before 6 PM, Herb’s crew went into action, clearing away most of the merch tables and setting up as many chairs as the room would allow. It was not enough. Fans packed into the room like sardines, shoulder to shoulder in the aisle ways and every nook and cranny of the building. You don’t draw a crowd like that unless you’re doing something right.

Herb runs the show out front, but the man behind the curtain who assists with booking is none other than Larry Matysik, the long time voice of St. Louis wrestling and co-author (with Barbara Goodish) of Bruiser Brody’s biography. Although he has been in poor physical health for some time, Larry’s mind is as sharp as ever. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of wrestling in the St. Louis area, and he still has a great passion for the business.

As for the show itself, SICW delivered some great action from the beginning to end with babyfaces who are loved and heels who were truly hated. Curtis Wylde, who won the battle royal and then leapt out of the ring when he nearly came to blows with Doctor D, was a stand out on the heel side while local 18-year old Savannah Stone lived up to her hype as a fan favorite. Stone has already caught the eye of the WWE and made an appearance on NXT. Herb Simmons believes it’s only a matter of time before she becomes a major star, and seeing her in action, I believe it will happen.

The night ended with two steel cage matches, capped off by a title vs. career match between Marc Houston and Flash Flanigan. Having watched Flash terrorize fans and babyfaces in Louisville and Southern Indiana for so long, it was odd but refreshing to see Flash as a fan favorite. Flanigan won the title in a bloody match that sent the fans home happy.

It’s very clear how Herb Simmons has kept SICW going for so long. He has a great mind for the business and knows how to give the fans a great show. Doctor D, a man who does not give trust and praise easily, also had high marks for Herb as a promoter. “No lies, straight shooter. A great guy.”

Speaking for myself, Herb is an incredibly generous host, and his crew was incredibly hospitable. They even treated us to Imo’s “St Louis style” pizza, a pizza that features a one-of-a-kind cheese only found in St Louis. The cheese was very good, but for me personally, the cheese was upstaged by the incredible flavor of the pepperoni, the full strips of bacon on the pizza, and the fried ravioli that came on the side. Great stuff.

SICW runs monthly in East Carondelet, Illinois. Their next show is Father’s Day weekend on June 16, and their July 21st show will feature none other than Kevin Sullivan as a special guest. You can follow Herb Simmons and SICW on Facebook for more information.

Reunited: Bill Apter Interviews Dr. D David Schultz

It’s been a couple of decades since Bill Apter last interviewed Dr. D David Schultz. Last Thursday the two were reunited on Apter’s live video podcast. You can watch the replay below.

Dr. D will be back on Thursday night May 18 at 7 pm eastern time for part two with Bill Apter.

Autographed copies of Dr. D’s book are still available as well. $30 with free shipping in the US. Email to order.

The Best of Past and Present at Heroes and Legends X

Jayson Maples has something special going in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Heroes and Legends is a twice a year fan fest and wrestling show that combines the past and present seamlessly, and my second trip to this event proved to be just as memorable as the first.

The tenth edition of Heroes and Legends took place Saturday at the beautiful Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, beginning with a fan fest at noon. Early arrivals had the opportunity to meet my good friend Dr. D David Schultz as well as Greg The Hammer Valentine, Madusa, Bob Orton, Mean Gene Okerland, Slick, Tatanka, Koko B. Ware, and Tito Santana. Mixed in with these legends and some great vendors and artists (including the super talented Erik Hodson, who designed one of my science fiction book covers were some of today’s hottest independent stars like Jimmy Jacobs, Sugar Dunkerton, oVe, Sami Callahan, Veda Scott, Jessicka Havoc, Sawyer Fulton and Kongo Kong.

At 6:30 the lights dimmed and it was time for some wrestling action. This year’s show was a much longer card than the Spring 2017 edition, and every match delivered. Regular readers will know I am a sucker for heels who get into it with the kids, and #TheDraw Sami Callihan made my night when he went after two little boys in the front row. Callihan looked like Tommy Lasorda going after an umpire after a bad third strike call, screaming red faced at the boys and pretending to kick dirt on their shoes.

The past mingled with the present during the show just as they did during the fan fest headlined by Tatanka taking on Kongo Kong in a tremendous main event. Tito Santana and Cowboy Bob Orton gave fans a thrill when they stepped in the ring with the Heroes and Legends tag champs, Legendary. Bob Orton shocked the crowd with an RKO out of nowhere that nearly blew the roof off the building.

Sugar Dunkerton promised a surprise guest manager for his match against Jimmy Jacobs the day before the event. After making his entrance, Sugar introduced WWF legend Slick as his manager for the evening. Reverend Slick has not lost a step in his years away from the ring and gave Sugar the backup he needed to defeat the Zombie Princess. Referee Max Recon even got into the action and did the “Zebra Trot” when Jimmy Jacobs refused to get into a dance contest with Sugar.

With his tenth show in the rear view mirror, Jayson Maples has turned his eyes to fall and the eleventh edition of Heroes and Legends. My sincere thanks to him for a great day of wrestling and nostalgia. Thanks as well  to all the fans who came to see Dr. D, and my sincere apologies again to those who did not make it in time before he had to leave.

Eat Sleep Wrestle at Heroes and Legends X

Attention Heroes and Legends fans:

Bring your spending money, because I’m bringing the whole catalog.

This is your chance to get Bluegrass Brawlers, Louisville’s Greatest Show, Eat Sleep Wrestle, Kenny Bolin’s book, Herb Welch’s book, and Seasons Beatings for only $10 each.

And oh yeah, Dr. D David Schultz will be with me, signing copies of his book for $30 each. Photo ops and 8 x 10 autographs will also be available.

Special bonus for the first four people who buy one of the $10 books: you will also get a copy of Lord Carlton’s book free. (We are clearing out the old edition in anticipation of releasing a new one this summer.)

See you in Fort Wayne.

Dr. D Returns to the East Coast

It’s official – “Dr. D” David Schultz will be returning to his old stomping grounds in June. You can meet Dr. D in person at Legends of the Ring in Monroe, New Jersey on Saturday, June 9!

Autographs and photo ops are now on sale. Don’t miss your chance for this very rare convention appearance.

Go to the Legends of the Ring website for more information.

One For The Road

Since so many wrestling fans will be hitting the road tomorrow for New Orleans, Wrestlecon, and Wrestlemania, I thought I would compile a quick list for fans who need some podcasts for the road. Here are some recent appearances Dr. D David Schultz and I have made for your listening enjoyment:

John Cosper on the Ever Sick Podcast

John Cosper on The Tim Shelton Podcast

Dr. D on The 605 Podcast (Episodes 84 and 85)

Dr. D on The Steve Austin Show

Dr. D on The Jim Cornette Experience

Dr. D on Rasslin’ Memories

Dr. D and John Cosper on Hart Beat Radio

Dr. D on the Two Man Power Trip

If that’s not enough Dr. D for you, there’s one more on the way Thursday. Mike Johnson will be releasing an interview with the Doctor on PW Insider, just in time for Wrestlemania!


A Triple Dose of Dr. D Podcast Goodness

It wasn’t planned this way, but three new interviews with Dr. D David Schultz were released today.

First, the latest edition of the 6:05 Superpodcast brings you part two of Brian Last’s interview with Dr. D. If you thought part one was good, Brian tells me that part two is even better. Listen to the 6:05 Superpodcast here.

You can also hear Dr. D on the latest episode of The Jim Cornette Experience. Jim called dibs on interviewing Dr. D in January of 2017, and I’m happy the two of them were finally able to connect. Download the Jim Cornette Experience on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud, and all the usual suspects.

Finally, Dr. D also makes an appearance on The Steve Austin Show. This is the one interview I told David he had to do, largely because so many people (mistakenly) believe Steve Austin stole David’s act. I’m a third of the way in, and it’s a terrific conversation between two like-minded guys who really hit it off. As Austin says on the show, you can only imagine the money they could have drawn had the worked in the same era. Listen to The Steve Austin Show here.

Special thanks to Kenny Bolin for setting up the Austin interview.

There’s more to come! I took another interview request for the Doctor today. Stay tuned.

Doctor D’s book can be purchased on Click here to buy it now.