About John Cosper

sm_headshotJohn Cosper is a wrestling historian and the author of Bluegrass Brawlers, Eat Sleep Wrestle, and Louisville’s Greatest Show. He is the co-author of I Probably Screwed You Too: The Mostly True Stories of Kenny “Starmaker” Bolin and Lord Carlton: Wrestler, Artist, My Father.

He started Eat Sleep Wrestle in December of 2014 as a place to share stories about today’s independent wrestling scene as well as it’s vibrant past. The goal is give casual fans a reason to give independent wrestling while opening the eyes of younger fans and wrestlers to the true history of the business.

John’s favorite wrestlers growing up were Shawn Michaels and the Von Erichs. His favorite historical wrestlers include “The Black Panther” Jim Mitchell, Stu Gibson, and Elvira Snodgrass.

When he’s not writing about wrestling, John also writes fiction, short films, kids books, and curriculum for children’s ministry. He lives in the indy wrestling hot bed of Southern Indiana across the river with his wife and kids, and he occasionally makes it out to see some live wrestling himself.

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