Girl Fight: The (Almost) Complete Results

Below are the results from 52 Girl Fight Shows, from 2015 to 2019.

If you have results to share for any of the shows that are incomplete, or if you have stories you would like to share from one of these shows, please email me at


1. SNPW Girl Fight
Girl Fight Wrestling and Stricktly Nsane Pro Wrestling
May 12, 2015
The Arena in Jeffersonville, Indiana.
Mary Elizabeth Monroe defeated Samantha Heights
Amazing Maria defeated Lucy Mendez
Lovely Lylah defeated Delilah Reignz
Mary Dobson defeated Tessa Blanchard (9:21)
Heather Owens defeated Jessicka Havok


2. SNPW Girl Fight II
Girl Fight Wrestling and Stricktly Nsane Pro Wrestling
May 31, 2015
Charlestown Civic Center in Charlestown, Indiana
Miss Natural defeated Thunderkitty (7:16)
Miss Dark Shadow defeated Lady Vendetta (4:37)
Nevaeh defeated Lil’ Naughty (9:46)
Jessicka Havok defeated Leva Bates (10:22)
Leva Bates defeated Jessicka Havok and Lady Vendetta and Lil’ Naughty and Luscious Lexxi and Miss Dark Shadow and Miss Natural and Nevaeh and ThunderKitty (6:43) in a Battle Royal
Lady Vendetta eliminated Miss Dark Shadow (0:49)
Lady Vendetta eliminated Luscious Lexxi (1:40)
Jessicka Havok eliminated Thunderkitty (2:51)
Nevaeh eliminated Lady Vendetta (4:12)
Nevaeh eliminated Lil’ Naughty (4:36)
Leva Bates eliminated Nevaeh (5:54)
Jessicka Havok and Miss Natural deliberately elimininated themselves
Jazz defeated Crazy Mary Dobson (11:18)


3. SNPW Girl Fight III
Girl Fight Wrestling and Stricktly Nsane Pro Wrestling
July 7, 2015
The Arena in Jeffersonville, Indiana.
Mary Elizabeth Monroe defeated Miss Diss Lexia (11:24)
Amazing Maria defeated Hayley Shadows (9:07)
Delilah Reignz defeated Heather Owens (5:14)
Samantha Heights defeated Kaela (9:45)
Crazy Mary Dobson defeated LuFisto (13:04)
Leva Bates defeated D’Arcy Dixon (9:39)

4. 1CW Girl Fight IV
Girl Fight Wrestling and 1st Class Wrestling
September 20, 2015
Miami Valley Sports Center in Franklin, Ohio.
Amanda De La Cruz defeated Dementia D’Rose (7:53)
Leah Von Dutch defeated Marti Bell (9:34)
Crazy Mary Dobson defeated Brittany Blake (7:28)
Heather Owens defeated Aja Perreira (6:35)
Amazing Maria defeated Cali Wylde (11:50)
Mary Elizabeth Monroe defeated Taeler Hendrix (15:44)

5. SNPW Girl Fight V
Girl Fight Wrestling and Stricktly Nsane Pro Wrestling
September 22, 2015
The Arena in Jeffersonville, Indiana.
Jordynne Grace defeated Ashley America (8:55)
Amazing Maria defeated Tomi (10:11)
Samantha Heights defeated Heather Owens (7:43)
Kaela defeated Mary Elizabeth Monroe by DQ (7:04)
Leah Von Dutch defeated Kimber Lee (9:57)
Crazy Mary Dobson defeated Sage Sin (7:29)

6. Girl Fight 6
December 8, 2015
The Arena Jeffersonville
Kaela def. Amanda De La Cruz
Samantha Heights def. Devyn Nicole
Amazing Maria def. Kelly Klein
Melanie Cruise def. Stacy Shadows
Crazy Mary Dobson def. Mia Yim


7. 605 CW Girl Fight VII
Girl Fight Wrestling and Stricktly Nsane Pro Wrestling
December 10, 2015
Uptown Event Center in Clarksburg, West Virginia
Amazing Maria defeated Amanda De La Cruz (7:24)
Kaela defeated Ray Lyn (5:35)
Taeler Hendrix defeated Solo Darling (12:58)
Miss Diss Lexia defeated Savannah Evans (6:53)
Kelly Klein defeated Britt Baker (8:42)
Samantha Heights defeated Angel Dust (12:11)
Crazy Mary Dobson defeated Candice LeRae (9:36)

8. Girl Fight VIII: Make War, Not Love
February 2, 2016
The Arena in Jeffersonville, Indiana.
Amazing Maria, Hayley Shadows, MJ Jenkins & Ray Lyn defeated Savannah Evans, Scarlett Bordeaux & Solo Darling (13:02) in a Four On Three Handicap Match
Ashley America defeated Dominique Fabiano (9:26)
Randi West defeated Thunderkitty (8:10)
Leah Vaughan defeated Daysia Day (8:54)
Crazy Mary Dobson defeated Cheerleader Melissa (8:19)
Heather Owens defeated Samantha Heights (6:27) in a Weapons Match
Kaela defeated Taeler Hendrix (w/Truth Martini) (15:17)


9. Girl Fight IX
Girl Fight Wrestling and Stricktly Nsane Pro Wrestling
February 16, 2016
The Token Lounge in Westland, Michigan.
Amazing Maria defeated Shayla Hyde (9:10)
Dementia D’Rose defeated Stacy Shadows (6:19) in a Falls Count Anywhere Match
Samantha Heights defeated Dominique Fabiano (8:19)
Leah Vaughan defeated Scarlett Bordeaux (12:27)
Allysin Kay vs. Melanie Cruise ends in a Time Limit Draw (10:00)
Dominique Fabiano defeated Allysin Kay and Amazing Maria and Dementia D’Rose and Leah Vaughan and Samantha Heights and Scarlett Bordeaux and Shayla Hyde and Stacy Shadows (6:32) in a Battle Royal
Crazy Mary Dobson defeated Su Yung (10:19)


10. Girl Fight X
April 7, 2016
Girl Fight X
April 7, 2016
Ailie Wellness Center in Cincinnati, Ohio
Randi West vs. Samantha Heights
Hayley Shadows vs. Stacy Shadows – double DQ
Amazing Maria def. Kaela
Maya Morrison vs. Sera Feeny
Sahara Se7en vs. Samantha Starr
Crazy Mary Dobson vs. Selene Grey

11. Girl Fight XI: Gender Wars
April 12, 2016 The Arena in Jeffersonville, Indiana
Samantha Heights defeated Ron Mathis by DQ (7:13)
Thunderkitty defeated Tracy Smothers (15:49)
Rebel defeated Caleb Konley (7:41)
Shane Mercer defeated Dominique Fabiano (8:40)
John Wayne Murdoch defeated Randi West (16:08)
Aaron Williams defeated Crazy Mary Dobson (9:37)
Jessicka Havok defeated Mad Man Pondo (9:36) in a No Disqualification Match


12. UCW Girl Fight XII
Girl Fight Wrestling and Ultimate Combat Wrestling
May 3, 2016
UCW Arena in Union City, Tennessee.
Samantha Heights defeated Savannah Evans (9:39)
Amazing Maria defeated Diana Taylor (8:00)
Paris Kelly defeated Diamond Doll by DQ (8:29)
Kiera Hogan defeated Priscilla Kelly (7:47)
Crazy Mary Dobson defeated Thunder Rosa (12:26)
Lil Bit defeated Su Yung (13:33)


13. Girl Fight XIII
May 4, 2016
IWA Productions Arena in Olney, Illinois.
Savannah Evans defeated Hayley Shadows (11:15)
Mickie Knuckles defeated Slady Wilson (9:31)
Amazing Maria defeated Dementia D’Rose (8:15) in a Street Fight
Taeler Hendrix defeated Dominique Fabiano (8:50)
Su Yung defeated Samantha Heights (14:12)
Thunder Rosa (w/ El Magnifico) (c) defeated Melanie Cruise (8:43) to retain the GRPW Lady Luck Championship


14. Girl Fight XIV
May 5, 2016
The Token Lounge in Westland, Michigan.
Samantha Heights defeated Slady Wilson (10:03)
Jewells Malone defeated Ingrid Isley (7:15)
Amazing Maria defeated Thea (6:50)
Dementia D’Rose defeated Mickie Knuckles (6:29)
Su Yung defeated Dominique Fabiano (12:07)
Thunder Rosa (c) defeated Taeler Hendrix (9:50) to retain the GRPW Lady Luck Championship

15. July 23, 2016
Gathering of the Juggalos
Thornville, OH
Mickie Knuckles def. Crazy Mary
Amazing Maria and Samantha Heights def. Aja Perreira and Nina Monet
Crazy Mary wins Battle Royal

16. September 14, 2016
Girl Fight and IWA Productions
IWA Production Arena in Olney, IL
Randi West def. Khloe (managed by Ray Bob Smothers – Pondo)
Amazing Maria def. Dementia D’Rose
Samantha v Rudy Jordan
Melanie Cruise v. Thunder Rosa
Thunderosa wins Battle Royal


17. October 18, 2016
Team Vision Dojo and Girl Fight
Orlando, FL
Dementia D’Rose defeats Miss Diss Lexia
Mila Naniki defeats Kaci Lennox
Santana Garrett defeats Chelsea Green
Lindsay Snow defeats Brandi Lauren
Su Yung defeats Aria Blake
Amazing Maria & Samantha Heights defeat Aja Perera & Raegan Fire
Mickie Knuckles defeats Jessicka Havok by referee’s decision

18. October 20, 2016
Church of Southern Wrestling Arena in Cornelia, GA (High Spots)
Samantha Heights defeats Priscilla Kelly (8:18)
Kayla Lynn defeats Madi Maxx (11:06)
Miss Diss Lexia defeats Nina Monet (5:03)
Amazing Maria defeats Crystal Rose (8:36)
Amber O’Neal Gallows defeats Aja Perera (9:48)
Six Man Elimination Tag Team: Team Not Afraid (Jessica Leigh, Kiera Hogan & Su Yung) defeat Team Monster Inc. (Dementia D’Rose, Mickie Knuckles & Tragedy Ann) (21:46)


19. Girl Fight
November 18, 2016.
Trixies in Louisville, KY
First Round Matches
Amazing Maria def. Rebel
Hayley Shadows def. Cali Young
Slady Wilson def. Stormie Lee
Su Yung def. Khloe Belle Smothers
Maria def. Slady Wilson
Su Yung def. Hayley Shadows
Madi Maxx v. Scarlet
Su def. Maria

20. December 18, 2016
Georgetown Bingo Hall
Georgetown, KY
Amazing Maria wins Battle Royal
Heather Owens def. Amazing Maria
Stormie Lee def. Lexxie Green

21. April 9, 2017
Heroes and Legends
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, IN
Madi Maxx v. Cali Young
Mickie Knuckles and Dementia D’Rose def. Samantha Heights and Amazing Maria

22. April 21, 2017
CCW and Girl Fight Wrestling
Luna Vachon Memorial Tournament
A.C Brase Arena in Cape Girardeau, MO
Amazing Maria def. Laynie Luck
Mickie Knuckles def. Miss Monica
Leva Bates def. Amazing Maria
Mickie def. Leva Bates in finals

23. April 22, 2017
Double Header with EIW show
Elite Center in Newbern, TN


24. May 5, 2017 WWN
#FKK – Free Kit Kate to the first 20 people in line
Expo Five in Louisville, KY (High Spots)
Hayley Shadows def. Mickie Knuckles vid DQ (Hayley made it look like Mickie used a foreign object)
Shawna Reed def. Dementia D’Rose (Shawna made it look like Dementia used a foreign object. Tag match set for later.)
Heather Owens def. Rudy Jordan
Cali Young def. Joseline Navarro
Amazing Maria def. Aleida Ortiz
Girl Fight Championship: Su Yung (c) def. Aja Perera
Falls Count Anywhere:
Monsters Inc. (Mickie Knuckles & Dementia D’Rose) def. Tortured Souls (Haley Shadows & Shawna Reed)

25. June 6, 2017
#1 Contenders Tournament
Trixies in Louisville, KY (High Spots)
Amazing Maria vs. Rebel
Cali vs. Hayley Shadows
Stormie Lee vs. Slady Wilson
Khloe Belle Smothers vs. Su Yung
Plus Semifinals & Finals

26. June 14, 2017
Dugans Best Rec Center
Owensboro KY
Dementia D’ Rose def. Laynie Luck
Rudy Jordan def. Hayley Shadows
Savannah Evans def. Scarlett
Team Super (Aja Perera & Leva Bates) def. Samazing (Samantha Heights & Amazing Maria)
Mickie Knuckles def. Sage Sin

27. July 7, 2017
Queens of Combat
Tag Team Match
Team Sea Stars (Ashley Vox & Delmi Exo) defeat The Fella Twins (Eddy McQueen & Rick Cataldo)
Amazing Maria defeats Londyn Ali by DQ
Scarlet defeats Jinx
Madi Maxx defeats Ingrid Isley
Mandy Leon defeats Maria Manic
Su Yung (c) defeats Mickie Knuckles

28. August 19, 2017 (Youtube)
Sugar Creek Casino in Hinton, OK

Skylar Slice and Killista Deva def. Mickie Knuckles and Nikki Knight
Phoebe def. Machiko
Killista Deva def. Hyna
Katie Forbes def. Skylar Slice
Mickie Knuckles def. Nikki Knight

29. August 22, 2017
The Arena, Jeffersonville, IN (High Spots)
Hayley Shadows def. Lina Del Oro
Sierra def. Vanessa Azure
Amazing Maria def. Savannah Evans (with interference from Samantha Heights)
Laynie Luck def. Miss Monica
Samantha Heights def. Karen Q
No DQ – Falls Count Anywhere
Mickie Knuckles def. Holidead


30. December 19, 2017
Snowball Fight
The Arena Jeffersonville
Tournament to determine the new number one contender for the Girl Fight Championship
Aja Perreira def.
Randi West def. Scarlet
Amazing Maria def. Savannah Evans
Mickie Knuckles def. Thunderkitty
Madi Maxx def. Daysie Day
Aja Perreira def. Randi West
Mickie Knuckles def. Amazing Maria
Aja Perreira def. Mickie Knuckles to become the new number one contender

31. February 6, 2018
Broad Brawl Orlando
Savannah Evans defeats Cali Young
Kikyo defeats Harlow O’Hara
Sofia Castillo defeats Randi West
Amber Nova defeats Aerial Monroe
Dementia D’Rose & Mickie Knuckles defeat Kaci Lennox & Robyn Reid
Randi West defeats Aerial Monroe and Amber Nova and Cali Young and Dementia D’Rose and Kaci Lennox and Kikyo and Layne Rosario and Lexi Gomez and Mickie Knuckles and Robyn Reid and Savannah Evans and Sofia Castillo
Hudson Envy defeats Su Yung (c) – TITLE CHANGE !!!


32. March 20, 2018 WWN
St Paddys Day Melee
The Arena in Jeffersonville
The Glitter Queen Kacey vs. Lady Inferno – No Contest after interference by Savannah Evans
Mickie Knuckles def. Pippy
Randi West def. Khloe
Aledia Ortiz def. Charlie Kruel
Varsity Babes (Cali & Meg) def. Tootie & Valerie
Mickie Knuckles def. Savannah Evans
Amazing Maria def. Miss Monica

33. May 8, 2018
Witch Slap
The Arena in Jeffersonville
Randi West def. Charlie Kruel
Khloe def. Rayne Victoria
Amazing Maria def. Roni Nicole
Nina Monet def Savanna Stone
Samantha Heights def. Tootie Lynn Ramsey
Mickie Knuckles def. Hudson Envy

34. June 12, 2018 (High Spots)
Some Like It Hot
The Arena Jeffersonville
Joseline Navarro def. Khloe
Melanie Cruise def. Charlie Kruel
Nina Monet def. Randi West
Holidead def. Amazing Maria
Charlie Kruel, Randi West, & Amazing Maria def. Joseline Navarro, Nina Monet, & Melanie Cruise
GirlFight Championship Match:
Aja Perreira def. Mickie Knuckles (c) to win the Girl Fight Championship

35. June 29, 2018
Midnight Girl Fight
The Arena, Jeffersonville
Ludark Shaitan def. Jewels Malone
Charlie Kruel def. Mickie Knuckles and Sadie Vandercamp
Amazing Maria def. Piper Brooks
Samantha Heights def. Sage Sin
Ludark Shaitan def. Charlie Kruel
Amazing Maria def. Samantha Heights
Amazing Maria def. Ludark Shaitan

36. June 30, 2018
Resistance Pro Death Becomes Her
First Round No Rope Barbed Wire Match
Ludark Shaitan defeats Rebecca Payne (7:13)
First Round Lucky 13 And Barbed Wire Bat Match
Randi West defeats Jewells Malone (10:10)
First Round Dog Collar Match
Mickie Knuckles defeats Maria Manic (7:03)
First Round Thumbtacks Match
Sage Sin defeats Khloe (9:03)
Semi Final Tei Pei And Dueling Singapore Canes Match
Ludark Shaitan defeats Randi West (8:34)
Semi Final Barbed Wire Boards Match
Mickie Knuckles defeats Sage Sin (12:29)
Final Light Tubes Cage Match
Mickie Knuckles defeats Ludark Shaitan (10:23)

37. August 21, 2018 WWN
Don’t Mess with the Commish
The Arena Jeffersonville (High Spots)
Thunder Rosa def. Sierra
Hyan def. Samantha Heights
Lizzy Valentine def. Vanessa Azure
Charlie Kruel def. Casey Dillon
Girl Fight Championship – Triple Threat Match
Aja def. Amazing Maria and Randi West

38. November 21, 2018
Midnight Girl Fight 2
The Arena, Jeffersonville
Samantha Heights def. Billie Starkz
Randi West def. Alice
Khloe def. Piper Brooks in a No DQ, Falls Count Anywhere Match
Amazing Maria def. Lexxie Green
Hayley Shadows def. Charlie Kruel
Thunderkitty def. Cassandra Golden


39. Indy Edition
February 12, 2019
Shotzi Blackheart defeated Allie Kat
Thunder Kitty defeated Hawlee Cromwell
Nusha Slayer defeated Ava Lee via count out.
Amazing Maria defeated Queen Aminata
Charlie Kruel defeated Khloe in a Street Fight.
Randi West defeated Billie Starkz
Samantha Heights (with Dave Crist) defeated Alice Crowley with an assist from Crist. Dave tried to attack after the match but Alice was able to hold her own.

40. February 26, 2019
Lexi Gomez & Sofia Castillo defeat Kaci Lennox & Raegan Fire
Thunderkitty defeats Randi West
Khloe defeats Layne Rosario in a Street Fight
Amber Nova vs. Samantha Heights – Time Limit Draw (15:00)
Broad Brawl Battle Royal
Amber Nova defeats Amenia and Kaci Lennox and Khloe and Layne Rosario and Lexi Gomez and Marina Tucker and Mistress Lilith and Randi West and Samantha Heights and Sofia Castillo and Su Yung and Thunderkitty


41. March 5, 2019
Gender Wars
Girl Fight Wrestling and Paradigm Pro Wrestling
The Arena Jeffersonville
Mikey defeats Cassandra Golden
Freddie Hudson defeats Charlie Kruel
Amazing Maria defeats Corey Storm
Cole Radrick defeats Alice Crowley
Billie Starkz defeats Johnathan Wolf
Randi West defeats Bradley Prescott IV
AJ Gray (PPW champ) vs. Aja Perera (GFW champ) – Time Limit Draw
Samantha Heights defeats Ace Austin


42. March 15, 2019
Shamrock & Roll
TIWF Arena in Trenton TN (High Spots)
Ella def. Jade Haven
Cassandra Golden def. Livi Loca (after interference from Nikki Victory)
Alice Crowley def. Angelina Love
Hayley Shadows def. Allie Bama
Khloe def. Billie Starkz
Cassandra Golden & Nikki Victory def. Autumn Mariee & Charlie Kruel
*Bonus content on WWN – Safari park

43. Midnight Girl Fight 3
April 19, 2019
Jeffersonville Arena
Rahne Victoria defeated Amazing Maria after a shot with some knux slipped in by Savanna Stone.
Savanna Stone defeated Randi West via the exact same shenanigans.
Thunder Kitty defeated Charlie Kruel with the Boston Crab.
Ella defeated Alice Crowley in a Jeffersonville Street fight after a Double Underhook DDT.
Aja Perera retained her Girl Fight Championship over Ravana Xin. Xin had WWE Legend Slick in her corner but it didn’t help the challenger.
Randi West and Amazing Maria challenged Rahne and Savanna to a future tag match, the former ran the latter off.
Billie Starkz def. Su Yung

44. May 4, 2019
Primus Omega 9
The Watering Bowl in Denver, CO


45. Fall from Grace
June 11, 2019
Jeffersonville Arena
Khloe def. Charlie Kruel in a Street Fight
Heidi Katrina def. Alyx Sky
Ella def. Big Mama
Samantha Heights (w/ Dave Crist) def. Hawlee Cromwell
Jordynne Grace def. Billie Starkz
Randi West def. Savanna Stone in a Steel Cage Match

46. June 21, 2019
6-21 Ladies Only Swag Wrestling TN
Sam Laterna def. Charlie Kruel
Queen Aminta def. CJ Justice
Jennifer Justice def. Jessica Andrews
Billie Starkz def. Ruthless Lala
Nina Monet def. Bebe Cook
Samantha Heights def. Aja Perreira to become the new Girl Fight Champion

47. July 6, 2019
Texas Wrestling Entertainment and Girl Fight
San Antonio, Texas
Reiza Clarke def. Baby D
Myka def. Billie Starkz and Alejandre Lion
Ella def. Cassandra Golden
Baby D and Phoebe def. KC Warfield and Reiza Clark.
Killer Kate def. Khloe


48. July 7, 2019
Metroplex Wrestling and Girl Fight
Texas Girl Fight Massacre
Bedford, TX
Billie Starkz def. Livi Loco
Cassandra Golden def. Paige Turner
Ella def. Phoebe
Ali Bama def. Khloe
Niles Plank def. Miranda Gordy
Phoebe and Baby D def Angelique Winter Poppaea and Ella after Ella walked out.

49. July 13, 2019
Death Becomes Her 2
Randi West def Mari Knox
Addy Star def Sabrina
Jewells Malone def Nina Monet
Amazing Maria def Chloe
Randi West def Amazing Maria
Jewells Malone def Addy Star
Randi West def Jewells Malone

50. August 6, 2019
The Arena, Jeffersonville
Not Another Number One Contender’s Tournament
Billie Starkz def Tootie
Sam L’eterna def. Hawlee Cromwell
Ella def. Lily Lockheart
Charlie Kruel def. Big Mama
Billie Starkz def. Sam L’eterna
Ella def. Charlie Kruel
Ella def. Billie Starkz to become the number one contender

51. August 7, 2019
Indy Edition 2
Hawlee Cromwell defeated Alice Crowley.
Max the Impaler defeated Lillie Lockheart
Nashay Laveau defeated Max the Impaler.
Charlie Kruel defeated Sabrina Hexx.
Billie Starkz defeated Shotzi Blackheart.

52. August 23, 2019
Brews and Babes
Waukesha Elks Lodge 400 in Waukesha, WI
Melanie Cruise def. Elanya Black
Sierra def. Billie Starkz
Stacy Shadows def. Heather Reckless by DQ
Valentina Loca def. Alice Crowley
Roxxy Raina and Elaina Black vs. Stacy Shadows and Melanie Cruise – no contest