Girl Fight Wrestling Results Needed

Hey folks!

I created this permanent page as a place to hopefully finish the job in compiling 50+ shows of Girl Fight. There’s a reason for all this hard work I’ll get into at a later date. Meantime, I am going to post the nine remaining shows for which I have some (but not all) names and results.

If you can fill in any blanks, please email me:


Girl Fight X
April 7, 2016
Ailie Wellness Center in Cincinnati, Ohio
Randi West vs. Samantha Heights
Hayley Shadows vs. Stacy Shadows – double DQ
Amazing Maria def. Kaela
Maya Morrison vs. Sera Feeny
Sahara Se7en vs. Samantha Starr
Crazy Mary Dobson vs. Selene Grey





July 23, 2016
Gathering of the Juggalos
Thornville, OH
Mickie Knuckles def. Crazy Mary
Amazing Maria and Samantha Heights def. Aja Perreira and Nina Monet
Crazy Mary wins Battle Royal






September 14, 2016
Girl Fight and IWA Productions
IWA Production Arena in Olney, IL
Randi West def. Khloe (managed by Ray Bob Smothers – Pondo)
Amazing Maria def. Dementia D’Rose
Samantha v Rudy Jordan
Melanie Cruise v. Thunder Rosa
Thunderosa wins Battle Royal





December 18, 2016
Georgetown Bingo Hall
Georgetown, KY
Amazing Maria wins Battle Royal
Heather Owens def. Amazing Maria
Stormie Lee def. Lexxie Green






April 9, 2017
Heroes and Legends
Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne, IN
Madi Maxx v. Cali Young
Mickie Knuckles and Dementia D’Rose def. Samantha Heights and Amazing Maria






April 21, 2017
CCW and Girl Fight Wrestling
Luna Vachon Memorial Tournament
A.C Brase Arena in Cape Girardeau, MO
Amazing Maria def. Laynie Luck
Mickie Knuckles def. Miss Monica
Leva Bates def. Amazing Maria
Mickie def. Leva Bates in finals





April 22, 2017
Double Header with EIW show
Elite Center in Newbern, TN








June 6, 2017
#1 Contenders Tournament
Trixies in Louisville, KY (High Spots)
Amazing Maria vs. Rebel
Cali vs. Hayley Shadows
Stormie Lee vs. Slady Wilson
Khloe Belle Smothers vs. Su Yung
Plus Semifinals & Finals





May 4, 2019
Primus Omega 9
The Watering Bowl in Denver, CO
Tyra Russamee def. Amazing Maria and CeCe