Coming Soon: Hurricane JJ Maguire

He’s the music to Jimmy Hart’s lyrics, the Bernie Taupin to Jimmy’s Elton John. He’s been Jimmy’s go-to musical collaborator since the 1970s, when he won an audition against two of the top drummers in the industry to become the new drummer for the Gentrys. He’s not a name most wrestling fans know, but in 2019, Eat Sleep Wrestle will change all that by presenting the autobiography of the face of Kentucky Zone Wrestling, Hurricane JJ Maguire!

A native of Somerset, Kentucky, Maguire was an accomplished musician who rubbed shoulders with everyone from Gene Simmons to Tom Petty to Jackie Gleason to Farah Fawcett during an amazing career in Hollywood. After first teaming up with Jimmy Hart as a member of the Gentrys, Maguire went on to become Hart’s favorite musical collaborator, composing over 100 wrestling theme songs including “Sexy Boy” for Shawn Michaels and “Cool Cocky Bad” for the Honky Tonk Man, “American Made” for Hulk Hogan’s WCW run, and “Together,” the iconic love song first performed at the wedding of Randy Savage and Miss Elizabeth. He also wrote memorable themes for Demolition, the Hart Foundation, The Million Dollar Man Ted Dibiase, and many more. He was the musical force behind Hulk Hogan’s Wrestling Boot Band, and he had a featured role in Thunder in Paradise alongside Jimmy Hart.

Maguire got back into wrestling when his now school-aged son came home asking if he was “The JJ Maguire” whose name was credited on all those wrestling themes. He’s not only still performing music but is now the MC for the independent promotion Kentucky Zone Wrestling.

We are looking at a summer release for this star-studded autobiography featuring a foreword by the Mouth of the South himself, Jimmy Hart!