Histories and Biographies

My Life in Heaven Town

“Hurricane JJ” Maguire is the master of wrestling music. The long-time collaborator of Jimmy Hart had a hand in composing and recording over 110 themes for WWF, WCW, and more including “Demolition,” Honky Tonk Man’s “Cool Cocky Bad,” Shawn Michaels’ “Sexy Boy,” and Hulk Hogan’s WCW theme “American Made.”

He was a member of the Gentrys, a key musical figure behind Hulk Hogan’s legendary solo album “Hulk Rules,” and a cast member on “Thunder in Paradise with Hulk Hogan and Jimmy Hart. 

This is the amazing true life story of a Kentucky prodigy who traveled the world and lived his dream!

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The Original Black Panther

Jim Mitchell was a native of Louisville, Kentucky and the first true African American super star in professional wrestling. One of the unsung heroes of the pre-television era, Mitchell became a main event star in the US, Canada, and Australia.

This ground-breaking biography traces his career from his early days in Indianapolis wrestling men of all colors as equals, to the height of the golden age in Los Angeles here he feuded with the legendary Gorgeous George.

More than 100 images taken from Mitchell’s personal belongings, including letters, photos, personal documents, and more bring the story of this lost legend to light!

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Memoirs of a Mad Man

Mad Man Pondo always wanted to be a wrestler, but he never thought he had the looks or the body to make it in the WWF. Then one day, he discovered Japanese hardcore wrestling and found a niche that would take him all over the world.

Memoirs of a Mad Man is one of the most outrageous autobiographies you’ll ever read with outlandish tales about big name wrestlers, big name celebrities, and plenty of D-list celebrities as well. This book is not for the feint of heart or easily squeamish. It will make you laugh out loud, and just when you start to think, “This can’t be real,” Pondo produces the pictures to prove it happened!

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Don’t Call Me Fake

The blockbuster story of Dr. D David Schultz comes to life in this award-winning, best-selling autobiography.

Doctor D gives you a ring side seat for the “slap heard round the world” in his confrontation with John Stossel and shares some incredible stories from his wrestling career, from his beginnings in Memphis, to his rise through Stampede and the AWA, to his downfall in the WWF.

The action really kicks in when he leaves the squared circle behind to become one of the most feared and successful bounty hunters in the world.

Call him a heel. Call him a redneck. Just don’t call him fake!

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Lord Carlton

Tug Carlson was just another wrestler in black trunks who had hit the ceiling in his career. Then he saw Lord Patrick Lansdowne in action and gave himself a royal makeover to become Lord Leslie Carlton and catapult himself to main event status. 

Lord Carlton was also a remarkable painter, a child prodigy who became the youngest student ever admitted to the prestigious school of art in San Francisco. And as much drama as he created in the ring, but his personal life proved to be an even greater soap opera!

This is the story of a wrestler, artist, and father, told by a daughter who loved him dearly! 

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Bluegrass Brawlers

The book that started it all!This comprehensive history of a city that loves pro wrestling begins at the circus in 1880 and ends just as the independent scene is beginning a renaissance.

Bluegrass Brawlers kicks off with one of the wildest intergender wrestling matches ever recorded, all the way back in 1880. You’ll read the story of how Ed “Strangler” Lewis got his famous name in 1913. You’ll discover the Allen Athletic Club, the promotion that first made Tuesday night a Louisville tradition. You’ll relive the crazy nights at the Louisville Gardens with Memphis Wrestling and go behind the scenes at Ohio Valley Wrestling during its hey day as a WWE developmental territory. Bluegrass Brawlers reveals why Louisville is one of the most underrated cities for pro wrestling.

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Louisville’s Greatest Show

Before OVW at the David Arena, before Memphis Wrestling at the Louisville Gardens, there was the Allen Athletic Club at the Columbia Gym.

Louisville’s Greatest Show takes a deep dive into a forgotten era, from 1935 to 1957. You’ll meet the wily promoter Heywood Allen and his successors Francis and Betty McDonogh, who weathered the end of the Depression, World War II, and the advent of TV to bring wrestling to the masses. You’ll meet local heroes like Stu Gibson, the Black Panther Jim Mitchell, Kid Scotty Williams, and Blacksmith Pedigo and national icons like Lou Thesz, Mildred Burke, Gorgeous George, and Wild Bill Longson who thrilled the fans week in and week out at the Columbia Gym.

This is the untold story of the promotion that  first made Tuesday night Louisville’s favorite night of the week for action.

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I Probably Screwed You Too: The Mostly True Stories of Kenny “Starmaker” Bolin

There’s a reason they call Kenny Bolin the Starmaker. For nearly a decade, Kenny Bolin sent more men from Louisville’s Ohio Valley Wrestling to the WWE than anyone. Bolin had a hand in making the careers of John Cena, Rico Costantino, Rob Conway, Mark Henry, Bobby Lashley, Sean O’Haire, Lance Cade, Mark Jindrak, Mike Mondo, Carlito, Sylvester Terkay, and many more.

The tale of Kenny Bolin is so outlandish, so outrageous at times, you’ll swear it can’t possibly true – and some of it isn’t. Thankfully, Kenny conned a few of his close, personal friends to come along for the ride to help you sort fact from fiction. This book may not be the most truthful book you’ll ever read, but it is the most entertaining and funny wrestling memoir you’ll read this week.

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esw cover

Eat Sleep Wrestle

The old territories are long gone, but indie wrestling continues to thrill fans who know that nothing can replace the live experience. This is the story of the men and women who make up today’s independent wrestling scene. They are top prospects like Jamin Olivencia and Adam Cole; deadly beauties like Crazy Mary Dobson (WWE’s Sarah Logan!) and LuFisto; wily promoters like Mike Quackenbush and DJ Hyde; entrepreneurs like Colt Cabana; and battle-hardened veterans like Mad Man Pondo.

Eat Sleep Wrestle is a snapshot of independent wrestling from the fall of 2014. It will take you on the road and inside the ring for a peek into the lives of today’s dreamers and tomorrow’s superstars.

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Season’s Beatings

From the golden age of grapplin’ comes a holiday treat for wrestling fans young and old!

Compiled from a 1947 California wrestling program found among “The Black Panther” Jim Mitchell’s memorabilia, this amazing collection of Christmas greetings features stars like Gorgeous George, Enrique Torres, Jan Blears, Yvon Robert, the Duseks, and Ed “Strangler” Lewis.

The book also features the French Angel Maurice Tillet on the cover – because what’s a Christmas book without an angel?

If you’ve got a wrestling fan on your shopping list, especially one with a love of the golden age, this is a must-have gift! It’s the perfect gift for those who prefer headlocks and body slams to visions of sugar plums.

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