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The People You Most Want to See at Starrcast II

Who are you looking forward to meeting at Starrcast II? Whose autograph do you want most? Whose Q&A are you most excited to hear?

Let me clue you in on the people you most want to see this weekend. They were the superstars of the first Starrcast, and they’re some of the greatest people in the wrestling business. They are:

Bill Apter

RD and Blade from Wrestlecrap

Honestly, if all you did at Starrcast was see and here these fine people, you would be guaranteed to get your money’s worth.

Bill Apter was the undisputed rockstar of Starrcast in Chicago. He rocked every Q&A session he had, and when he settled in after one session to sell books, he was sold out in minutes. He’s funny, he’s friendly, and he loves wrestling passionately. You will come away wanting to read his book and listen to every interview he’s ever given.

And then, there’s Wrestlecrap.

I got to know these guys after they reached out to me to schedule Dr. D David Schultz in one of their talks at Starrcast Chicago, and I love them to death. Their podcast is always a must hear (when they get around to releasing them), and their booth was a must-see in Chicago. I mean, they had the Gooker. The actual Gobbledy Gooker! Fans could pay to pose with the Gooker or post in the Gooker costume themselves.

The Gooker wasn’t even the number one highlight of their booth. The highlight was the photo up with Katie Vick. KATIE VICK, ladies and gentlemen! This was the photo op the wrestlers wanted most. Not just the fans, but the men and women who make professional wrestling great.

I wish everyone safe travels to Vegas and hope you all get to meet our favorite stars. But trust me on this one. Go see Bill, and go see Wrestlecrap. They will make your weekend great.