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Chris Silvio’s “Must Book” List

After seeing him wrestle many times and hearing many people brag on him, I finally had the chance to meet Chris Silvio. He’s a great guy, as advertised, and I believe he’s one of the guys like Bob Evans who can really transform the world we know as independent wrestling.

Chris posted a list of “must book” talent on Facebook the other day. A number of these names are people I know and respect as well, so I decided to share it here.

This is what it takes, folks. Putting each other over, helping one another out. That spirit of camaraderie is one of the biggest reasons I love the indy scene.

From Chris Silvio:

Indiana’s Brayden Lee, a former college wrestler and 1 year pro, recently debuting in Chikara. This guy can do some amazing things in the ring and is dedicated to looking the part.

Colorado’s Alexander Corrente, a two year pro out of Rocky Mountain Pro in Denver. Corrente is a ring General in the making and a tremendous Heel.

Kentucky’s Corey Storm, At just 18 years of age Corey has all of the makings of a superstar. He possesses an incredible attitude, ability well beyond his years and the ability to connect genuinely with the audience.

Florida’s Kotto Brazil / Snoop Strikes, who has recently received national attention with MLW. In the next 5 years, Snoop is going to be a household name. Another former collegiate wrestler, with an incredible attitude and work ethic, trained by the insanely talented Jay Lethal. If you are not booking this man, log into your pay pal and send him a deposit while you can.

Omar Amir, out of Orlando Florida is money waiting to be made. Omar has size, an unteachable presence, and all the makings of a major star. Omar has been a staple of the SIW USA shows and currently is a top talent in FIP.

Jenna Lynn Van Bemmel (Jenna Van Muscles ) is hands down the hardest working women’s wrestler in Florida. Set to make her 3rd international tour this summer, Jenna is improving every week. She possess a superstar presence and a work ethic that cannot be touched.

Virginia’s Timmy Danger is hands down the most developed personality in the region. An OVW graduate, Timmy is a natural entertainer hungry to make a mark in the world of pro wrestling. If you are looking for a heel that gets real HEAT, Timmy is your man. Accompanied by my favorite manager on the indies Neil Sharkey, they form “The Sanctuary”, one of the most creative acts in the Mid Atlantic.

Rising Promotions:
On the top of the list is Denver Colorado’s Rocky Mountain Pro. These guys are making some huge moves and literally have changed the game in Colorado wrestling. With an incredible tv program they now run nearly 100 events annually and are pumping out some amazing talent. Fans, watch RMP every week worldwide on Twitch! Wrestlers, come and learn from their extremely knowledgeable coach staff with Mercury Pro Wrestling Academy.

Revolt Pro Wrestling has recently inked a south eastern TV deal and is coming out Guns Blazing. Using some incredible talent and doubling their event count, Revolt Pro is making a huge statement in Independent wrestling in the United States.

Ref to Watch:
Max Recon. This guy has been putting in the work and getting noticed throughout the Midwest. Max served our country proudly and is now dedicating himself to being one of the best refs in the nation. A referee is an extremely important and overlooked role on many shows. Give Max an opportunity. He deserves it.

There are so many more great talents out there but I wanted to shine some light on a few that have really impressed as of late. If you are looking for great additions to your show these guys have “it”!

Book them!