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Midnight Girl Fight Preview: Cassandra Golden

Girl Fight Wrestling has granted Eat Sleep Wrestle total access to the roster for its second midnight show, Midnight Girl Fight 2: Howdy, Pilgrim! Today is part ten of this series, featuring Cassandra Golden.     

Most wrestlers can tell you exactly when they knew what they wanted to do for a living. For Cassandra Golden that moment happened almost 14 years ago. “I remember watching sitting down watching the Royal Rumble for the first time in 2005, and I have loved it ever since. It wasn’t anything I thought I could ever do because I was never the athletic type in school. I was more into academics. When I was in college, I decided that I didn’t want any regrets in life, so after graduation I started looking for training.”

Cassandra went to arguably the best trainer in the business, Lance Storm in Canada. She now trains with Action Jackson in Arkansas, and she learns from every opponent she faces.

“I had a match with Thunder Rosa a couple months ago and that was a really cool experience. Anytime I can wrestle someone with more experience than me is always a highlight. I always learn a ton.

“Also taking a superplex a couple months ago was also a highlight. Im not a top rope wrestler at all so being given one silenced a lot of fears I had about it.”

Cassandra is a self-described “crazy dog lady,” which is ironic considering she’s facing off with Thunderkitty. She’s not shy about talking about her love for her favorite pet. “I have a Shih Tzu. His name is Winston. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love him, and one way to get to me is to say something bad about him. He’s pretty much my baby.”

Cassandra may not have the experience of her opponent, but the academic-minded star will be well-prepared November 21. “I’m doing mainly tape study and a lot of in ring training to prepare for Thunderkitty. She’s wrestled at a lot of big name places, and I have seen many of her matches. I know how great she is. I’m excited and ready for the challenge.”

Cassandra is a welcome new face at Girl Fight, and she’s eager to meet some of the biggest women’s wrestling fans in the nation. “Fans should come out to the Midnight Girl Fight show to see some great woman’s wrestling! The woman’s revolution is in full effect, and it started here in the indies. People should also come to see me of course, haha!”

Fans can spend Thanksgiving Eve with Cassandra and eleven other amazing wrestlers at Midnight Girl Fight 2 on November 21 at the Arena in Jeffersonville, Indiana, 1416 Spring Street. Bell time is at 11:59 PM.