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Midnight Girl Fight Preview: Charlie Kruel

Girl Fight Wrestling has granted Eat Sleep Wrestle total access to the roster for its second midnight show, Midnight Girl Fight 2: Howdy, Pilgrim! Today is part one of this series, featuring one of the fastest rising stars in the Midwest, the “Beautiful Nightmare” Charlie Kruel. 

Charlie Kruel is exactly the type of wrestler Girl Fight was created for. She’s young, she’s hungry, she’s determined to become a star. Charlie is a savvy networker who continues to debut for new promotions further and further from her home base. She’s also the girl who shocked the fans at the last Midnight Girl Fight with a pin fall over Mickie Knuckles in the Number One Contenders Tournament.

“Every woman backstage was crawling and scratching to get to be the number one contender for the Girl Fight title,” she says. “I definitely beat all the odds and the doubters in the audience that night. Even getting to share the ring with Ludark Shaitan. It was an incredible night for myself.”

Incredible though it may be, Kruel is not satisfied merely sharing the ring with the best. She wants to be the best, and has since she was only 11.

“When I was 8 or 9, I remember walking in and seeing my brothers and step dad watch it on our TV in the living room. My brothers would invite the neighborhood kids to come over and ‘wrestle’ as their favorite wrestler. I ended up being able to wrestle with them as well. What really made me want to make a career out wrestling was AJ Lee. Her match vs Kaitlyn at 2013 Payback from the (then) Divas title inspires me to this day.”

Kruel will mark her one year anniversary in the business this January, but first, she has to go through a dangerous Girl Fight veteran in Haley Shadows. “She’s a snake. She’s out for no one else but herself. She calls herself the ‘Barbie Killer,’ and I’m definitely no Barbie and someone who can’t be killed. We squared off for the first time at Emerge Wrestling in Columbus, IN for the Emerge Women’s Title. She ended up cheating her way to the victory. Since then I’m out for my revenge on her and nothing but payback. If she’s reading this, get ready for my kicks. Because it’s coming straight to your face!”

Kruel made history at the first Midnight Girl Fight Show, and she believes the second show will deliver as well. “It will be nothing but kick ass. There’s a lot of exciting talent to see, and you get to see me beat up Hayley Shadows. Plus, if the Thanksgiving meal is bad the next day or you’re already annoyed by your family, you at least have the Girl Fight Midnight show to think all about.”

Charlie Kruel has a lot to be thankful for heading into Thanksgiving weekend. She’s accomplished a lot in eleven months and she’s ready for more. “2019 will be the year of Kruel. Believe it.”

Watch all the ladies in action at Midnight Girl Fight 2 on November 21 at the Arena in Jeffersonville, Indiana, 1416 Spring Street. Bell time is at 11:59 PM.