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Growing Your Brand As An Indy Wrestler

A few tips for independent wrestlers to help you boost your brand – including some that won’t cost you an extra penny.

If you have an original entrance theme, post the song for sale online. Share a link on social media every now and then so fans can buy and download your music.

Get a Square reader. It’s free, they only charge a small fee per transaction to process credit cards, and the money is in your bank account in just a few days. Paypal has a card reader too, but it’s harder to get. Anyone can sign up with Square.

Invest in a banner like the one below. These cost less than $100 from Vistaprint, and if you find an online coupon, you can cut the price even cheaper. You can also get vinyl banners, but the retractable is more flexible, especially if you end up with a table that’s not against the wall.

Invest in a folding table. It will cost you less than $50, and if a promoter doesn’t provide enough tables, you have one you can use and even share.

Share rides and hotel rooms and split the cost. This is the kind of common sense Brutal Bob Evans teaches in his seminars, and it’s the fastest way to go from losing money to making money on your weekend trips. Be sure to take Bob’s seminar the first chance you get as well. Sharing expenses is just the tip of the iceberg of his wisdom.