The Truth about WWE’s Women’s Revolution

Ian Rotten posted this on Facebook tonight. It deserves to be shared.

The women’s wrestling revolution is not a product of the WWE. It was born in the indies, in places like the Girl Fight show I attended tonight. It belongs to the women Rotten mentions and more. And it was necessary because… well, I’ll let him say it:

“I haven’t seen anyone say anything about this so I am going to… The WWE is so proud of their women’s revolution, when the WWE and how they treated women and used women is the reason why there is a need for the women’s revolution.

“While they were doing bra and panty matches, girls were on the Indies bringing respect to women’s wrestling. As I have said before, women like Lacey and Rain, Mischif, Cheerleader Melissa, Sara Del Ray, Daizee Haze, Mickie Knuckles, etc. were killing it on the Indies. Not to mention Shimmer being around for years, Shine, and as of late Rise.

“WWE, you were the one disrespecting women… Now all the way in 2017 you want to act like you’re doing something? Once again, WWEs hypocrisy at it’s finest.”