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The Fans Who Knew Too Much

Why is there such an uproar among some fans over the new Star Wars movie? The same reason so many people do nothing but complain about modern wrestling.

The fans know too much.

Fans know how movies are made. They so much about the process of making movies and the people that make them, they have lost the ability to go into a darkened theater and let a filmmaker take them on a ride. They go in with expectations fans 40 years ago never had, and when you fail to meet those expectations, the social media firestorm ignites.

Movies are supposed to be fun. Wrestling is supposed to be fun. If you can’t enjoy them because you “know too much,” why bother watching?

George Lucas could never have made The Empire Strikes Back today. The minute Vader said, “I am your father,” a petition would have hit demanding that Lucas step down so that someone new could take over and undo one of the most famous twists in movie history.