Wrestlers Read Free!

Today’s post is a shameless plug, but it’s a shameless plug with heart!

I’ve made this offer in private to a few people I’ve come to know I the wrestling business, but now I’m making it public. Long before I was writing about wrestling, I was writing science fiction. Space opera, sci-fi comedy, nothing heady like Asimov but fun and adventurous like Flash Gordon meets Douglas Adams. I have several novels and a short story collection published in print and ebook formats.

If you’re in the wrestling business, and you enjoy reading this type of fiction, I’d like to hook you up for free.

If I have your attention, I invite you to take a look at my personal website, www.johncosper.com, and take a look at the books now available. If you see something you like, Email Me and I’ll be happy to send any and all books you want in PDF or ePub format.

Sounds great, man, but I don’t read ebooks. I like to hold a real book. 

I completely understand. If that’s the case, email me the title or titles you want and we will work something out.

Is it okay if I share the books you send me with other wrestling friends? 

Absolutely. Matter of fact as long as you’re sharing with people who are willing to say, “Hey, I read a great book and you should too,” you can share with anyone you like.

If you need something to read on your next road trip or long flight, please visit www.johncosper.com and Email Me to get your books.