Indy Books: The Next Step to Growing Your Territory?

Today’s independent wrestling workers are very tech savvy. They use Youtube as an endless library of wrestling videos, a place to study wrestling’s past and improve their work. They use sites like Pro Wrestling Tees to sell their merch online. They use Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social media sites to promote shows, themselves, and grow their network.

The Internet has played a huge part in growing the new independent scene. Now, a new website has come along that will give wrestling workers an even better opportunity to grow their brands and their opportunities.

Indy Books is a social media platform specifically for wrestlers, promoters, referees, and other workers in the business. Think of it as a LinkedIn for wrestling. This is a place to connect with friends in the business, make more friends, discover uncharted territories, build your own loops, plan carpools, and most importantly, grow your brand.

I was excited to read about Indy Books because the potential for a site like this is huge. It consolidates wrestling contacts into one place. It allows promoters and wrestlers to advertise open dates to one another in a more private forum than Facebook and other open social media platforms. Used well, Indy Books can be the place where previously undiscovered diamonds in the rough can launch their careers faster than ever.

If you’re a wrestler, promoter, ref, etc. I encourage you to visit Indy Books and set up your profile today. As I wrote the other day, the time is ripe for the independents to rise up. Sign up for Indy Books, and seize the day.