Eat Sleep Wrestle at Heroes and Legends X

Attention Heroes and Legends fans:

Bring your spending money, because I’m bringing the whole catalog.

This is your chance to get Bluegrass Brawlers, Louisville’s Greatest Show, Eat Sleep Wrestle, Kenny Bolin’s book, Herb Welch’s book, and Seasons Beatings for only $10 each.

And oh yeah, Dr. D David Schultz will be with me, signing copies of his book for $30 each. Photo ops and 8 x 10 autographs will also be available.

Special bonus for the first four people who buy one of the $10 books: you will also get a copy of Lord Carlton’s book free. (We are clearing out the old edition in anticipation of releasing a new one this summer.)

See you in Fort Wayne.

Dr. D Returns to the East Coast

It’s official – “Dr. D” David Schultz will be returning to his old stomping grounds in June. You can meet Dr. D in person at Legends of the Ring in Monroe, New Jersey on Saturday, June 9!

Autographs and photo ops are now on sale. Don’t miss your chance for this very rare convention appearance.

Go to the Legends of the Ring website for more information.

One For The Road

Since so many wrestling fans will be hitting the road tomorrow for New Orleans, Wrestlecon, and Wrestlemania, I thought I would compile a quick list for fans who need some podcasts for the road. Here are some recent appearances Dr. D David Schultz and I have made for your listening enjoyment:

John Cosper on the Ever Sick Podcast

John Cosper on The Tim Shelton Podcast

Dr. D on The 605 Podcast (Episodes 84 and 85)

Dr. D on The Steve Austin Show

Dr. D on The Jim Cornette Experience

Dr. D on Rasslin’ Memories

Dr. D and John Cosper on Hart Beat Radio

Dr. D on the Two Man Power Trip

If that’s not enough Dr. D for you, there’s one more on the way Thursday. Mike Johnson will be releasing an interview with the Doctor on PW Insider, just in time for Wrestlemania!


I Guess They Do Remember Dr. D

Dr. D David Schultz’s biography has been available a little over a month. In that time we have shipped autographed copies to: Denmark, The Netherlands, Austria, Canada, and The United Kingdom.

It’s a thrill to see that fans the world over still remember the Doctor. It’s even greater to see new fans discovering a man the WWE tried to bury, even after he defended the business at the request of Vince McMahon.

Dr. D will be meeting the fans in person April 21 at Heroes and Legends X in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and May 19 at the Bruiser Brody Memorial in East Carondelet, Illinois. He will also be appearing on a few more podcasts in the near future, including one every true wrestling fan will want to hear.

Thank you, fans, for welcoming Dr. D back!

The Dan Gable Museum Announces the 2018 Hall of Fame Class

The George Tragos/ Lou Thesz Hall of fame at the Dan Gable Museum in Waterloo is an absolute treat for pro wrestling fans. If you’re ever passing through Iowa, it’s worth the detour. If you’re really into wrestling history, it’s worth making a special trip.

Every summer some of the biggest names of professional wrestling past and present make their way for the Hall of Fame weekend. The museum just announced the dates, schedule, and honorees for the 2018 Hall of Fame including Owen Hart, Dan Severn, and Bruiser Brody. this three day event includes an eight man wrestling tournament and plenty of meet and greet opportunities for all-access pass holders.

The Hall of Fame weekend is July 26-28. Passes are now on sale, and special hotel/pass rates are available. For more information go to the Dan Gable Museum’s website. And please let them know I sent you.

Dr. D Talks Bounty Hunting with Morton Downey Jr.

“Dr. D” David Schultz was not a big fan of journalists, but one man he felt “got it” was Morton Downey, Jr. The controversial talk show host brought Dr. D on the show twice: once to discuss the professional wrestling business, and once to talk about bounty hunting. Both episodes were among the highest rated in the history of The Morton Downey, Jr. Show.

Here is the complete bounty hunting episode is available to watch below.

To order a copy of Dr. D’s book “Don’t Call Me Fake” visit, or contact to find out how to get an autographed copy.

Pondo Does It Better Than Moolah

Mad Man Pondo is no pimp. He doesn’t take half his wrestler’s wages, and he doesn’t keep them as slaves. What he does is put on some of the best wrestling shows in the country featuring the ladies. If you want to look into the future of women’s wrestling, you have to see Girl Fight!

Mad Man Pondo’s women’s wrestling promotion returns to home base in Jeffersonville at the Arena on Tuesday April 20. Girl Fight Champion Hudon Envy will defend her title in a triple threat against Italian star Miss Monica and the newly crowned Princess of the Deathmatches, Amazing Maria. Mickie Knuckles, Michelle Spradlin, Nina Monet, Khloe, Randi West, Violent Rayne, Tootie, Joseline, and the Varsity Babes are also scheduled to appear.

Founded with the goal of helping you stars gain experience and connections within the wrestling business, Girl Fight has become a launching pad for up and coming women’s wrestlers including WWE’s Sarah Logan, Women of Honor star Kelly Klein, Samantha Heights, Su Yung, and more.

Tickets for Tuesday’s show are just $10. Contact Mad Man Pondo on Facebook to reserve your ticket now!

What does it mean, “Kayfabe?”

I’ve had the opportunity to meet some amazing people and do some interesting interviews over the last five years since I started writing about professional wrestling. Never did i dream that wing about wrestling would land me on Public Radio International.

The World in Words is a program that explores the English language, and this week, the World in Words tackles the meaning of the word “kayfabe.” Host Nina Porzucki interviewed me along with fellow wrestling historian John Lister, former wrestlers Mick Greenwood and Baron von Rashke, and the “Progressive Liberal” Daniel Harnsberger in an attempt to unlock the secret language of professional wrestling.

You can listen to the full episode by clicking here.

Dr. D Speaks Out!

Updated March 2, 2018.

After 30 years of silence, “Dr. D” David Schultz is talking again!

Following the release of his autobiography, Dr. D began taking interviews with a number of podcasts. Here is where you can hear him now and in the coming weeks:

Hart Beat Radio – Dr. D reunited with fellow Stampede wrestler Bruce Hart for this interview released on February 10.

Rasslin’ Memories – Dr. D talks AWA and much more with host Glen Braget.

Two Man Power Trip – Dr. D can be heard on this show starting Friday, February 23.

The 6:05 Superpodcast – Dr. D makes is debut on “THE MOTHERSHIP” with a two part interview releasing soon. 

Fans can also meet Dr. D in person on Saturday, April 21 at Heroes and Legends X in Fort Wayne Indiana. He will be signing books and autographs and taking photos at the fan fest from 12-6 pm.

David will also be appearing at the Bruiser Brody Memorial Show in East Carondelet, Illinois on May 19. Details to come.

Major Announcement: Meet Dr. D at Heroes and Legends X

Heroes and Legends is a phenomenal fan festival and wrestling show held in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Promoter Jayson Maples and his crew put on a top notch event featuring the legends of wrestling and the rising stars of the independent ranks. The April 21 show will feature Jim Ross, Tito Santana, One Man Gang, Terri Runnels, Marty Jannety, Road Warrior Animal, OvE, Kongo Kong, Amazing Maria, Veda Scott, Slick, and Greg “The Hammer” Valentine.

Add one more to that list: “Dr. D” David Schultz.

The Doctor will make a very RARE appearance at the Fort Wayne show, signing autographs and books and taking photos with fans from 12-6 pm. You can find him right next to me at the Eat Sleep Wrestle table.

Dr. D will not be making many fan appearances and this will most likely be his only Midwestern appearance, so if you are in the Midwest, make your plans now to attend Heroes and Legends X.

Click here for info on Heroes and Legends.