Dr. D Talks Bounty Hunting with Morton Downey Jr.

“Dr. D” David Schultz was not a big fan of journalists, but one man he felt “got it” was Morton Downey, Jr. The controversial talk show host brought Dr. D on the show twice: once to discuss the professional wrestling business, and once to talk about bounty hunting. Both episodes were among the highest rated in the history of The Morton Downey, Jr. Show.

Here is the complete bounty hunting episode is available to watch below.

To order a copy of Dr. D’s book “Don’t Call Me Fake” visit Amazon.com, or contact johncosper@yahoo.com to find out how to get an autographed copy.

Dr. D Speaks Out!

Updated March 2, 2018.

After 30 years of silence, “Dr. D” David Schultz is talking again!

Following the release of his autobiography, Dr. D began taking interviews with a number of podcasts. Here is where you can hear him now and in the coming weeks:

Hart Beat Radio – Dr. D reunited with fellow Stampede wrestler Bruce Hart for this interview released on February 10.

Rasslin’ Memories – Dr. D talks AWA and much more with host Glen Braget.

Two Man Power Trip – Dr. D can be heard on this show starting Friday, February 23.

The 6:05 Superpodcast – Dr. D makes is debut on “THE MOTHERSHIP” with a two part interview releasing soon. 

Fans can also meet Dr. D in person on Saturday, April 21 at Heroes and Legends X in Fort Wayne Indiana. He will be signing books and autographs and taking photos at the fan fest from 12-6 pm.

David will also be appearing at the Bruiser Brody Memorial Show in East Carondelet, Illinois on May 19. Details to come.

Hart Beat Radio: The Doctor Is In

Saturday morning, do not miss your chance to hear the reunion of Dr. D David Schultz and Bruce Hart! Dr. D and I will be guests on Bruce’s podcast Hart Beat Radio, where we will be discussing David’s autobiography, his time in Stampede Wrestling, and much more. This is going to be a terrific show broadcast live on Blog Talk Radio.

Click here to listen Saturday morning at 11 am eastern.

Dr. D on Hart Beat Radio

The first copies of Dr. D’s book have arrived, and next weekend, I’ll be meeting with the Doctor himself to get the pre-ordered copies signed.

Dr. D will be making a handful of appearances on podcasts in the coming weeks, starting with Hart Beat Radio on Saturday, February 10. Dr. D will be reunited with Bruce Hart for a discussion about the book, Stampede Wrestling, and much more!

February 13 is the release date on Amazon.com, but there’s still time to preorder a signed copy. Email me at johncosper@yahoo.com for information. Wednesday, February 7 is the deadline for signed books!

No Fake: Get Dr. D’s Book Signed by the Doctor Himself

We’re about a month away from launching Dr. D’s autobiography Don’t Call Me Fake: The Real Story of “Dr. D” David Schultz. If you’re too young to remember Dr. D, he was a man ahead of his time with a ring persona that foreshadowed the rise of “Stone Cold” Steve Austin. Dr. D faced some of the greatest and toughest men in the business including Bret Hart, Hulk Hogan, Antonio Inoki, Abdullah the Butcher, Ric Flair, and Bruiser Brody, though he is best known for a two slap take down of John Stossel that aired on 20/20 when the reporter dared to suggest he was a fake.

Dr. D left the wrestling business behind in the late 80s to embark on an amazing second career as a bounty hunter. In more than two decades of work, he had a 100% capture rate, traveling from the US to Puerto Rico to Egypt to bring back hundreds of men and women who tried to jump bond.

Dr. D’s book is 470 pages and jammed full of stories and rare photos. The book will retail for about $25 on Amazon, but you can order a signed copy now for only $35 plus shipping.

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Pre-Order Dr. D’s Book Now!

The word is out: Dr. D has finally told his story, and the book will be released in February.

“Don’t Call Me Fake: The Real Story of ‘Dr. D’ David Schultz” is 472 pages long and will sell for $25 on Amazon.com, but you can now pre-order a copy signed by Dr. D for only $35 plus shipping.

Dr. D does not do many appearances, and he does not plan on doing very many in the coming year. This is a very rare opportunity!

Please email John Cosper for payment instructions via PayPal.  Books will be shipped by mid-February.